I lost 132 pounds – my basic egg and cheese wrap has made weight loss so much easier, it’s delicious and keeps me full for hours

A WEIGHT loss champion says his success is based on eating delicious, low-calorie foods.

He lost a phenomenal 132 pounds by eating one of his staple recipes.


TikTok user Aussie Fitness lost weight by eating delicious low-calorie recipesCredit: TikTok/aussiefitness
He lost 132 pounds


He lost 132 poundsCredit: TikTok/aussiefitness

Her egg and cheese wrap made it much easier to lose weight and kept her feeling full for hours.

Aussie Fitness (@aussiefitness) already has 3.6 million followers on TikTok.

But this post went stratospheric with 359,000 likes, more than 18,000 shares and 1,200 comments.

He lost weight and is dedicating his TikTok to his success, in the hopes that it can help other people who are struggling to lose weight with his healthy recipe ideas.

“Easy meal that helped me lose 132 pounds,” he said.

“Throughout my weight loss journey, this meal was a staple of my diet,” he wrote of preparing the simple dish.

“Honestly, it made losing weight a lot easier,” he confessed.

In a frying pan, he started by cooking 7.5 ounces of egg whites.

“Just before it’s completely cooked, place a low-calorie wrap on top,” he explained. “Let it sit for a minute and turn it over.”

After adding the seasoning and chili flakes, the pan contained a handful of baby spinach, slices of chicken, four slices of tomato, and just under an ounce of low-fat cheese.

He transformed his body and his diet


He transformed his body and his dietCredit: TikTok/aussiefitness

“Now fold the wrap over, press down and let it cook for a minute or two.”

Once out of the pan, its trick was a generous pour of Nando’s Perinaise sauce.

“It’s super easy and delicious to make and will keep you full for hours,” he promised, tasting with relish.

One commenter urged others to try it.

“For anyone who hasn’t tried this, do it. it’s absolutely incredible. I tried it a while ago and it’s a game changer if you’re on a low calorie diet.”

There were similar sentiments from this follower: “I tried it. It’s a masterpiece.

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And this person thought this dish was incredibly good.

“It’s so smoking. And even if you don’t have low-calorie wraps, it’s only 550 calories. And fills you up completely.

This recipe was a must for him


This recipe was a must for himCredit: TikTok/aussiefitness
It contained egg whites, chicken, spinach, tomatoes and low-calorie cheese.


It contained egg whites, chicken, spinach, tomatoes and low-calorie cheese.Credit: TikTok/aussiefitness
He said it was delicious and kept him full for hours


He said it was delicious and kept him full for hoursCredit: TikTok/aussiefitness

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