I made a $10 Lowe’s decorative pumpkin look like an expensive Pottery Barn purchase – follow my baking soda tip for best results

SPOOKY season has already begun for many people who are eagerly counting down the days until Halloween.

DIY fanatics have been experimenting with their artistic skills amid a trend to transform low-budget fall decorations into luxury home goods.


Brie Thomason went viral on TikTok after revealing how to improve the look of fall decor on a budgetCredit: TikTok/briethomason
Brie bought a plastic pumpkin for $10 at Lowe's


Brie bought a plastic pumpkin for $10 at Lowe’sCredit: TikTok/BRIETHOMASON

Brie Thomason (@briethomason) shared her attempt to rethink the look of cheap plastic pumpkins in a video shared with nearly 37,000 followers on TikTok.

She usually posts fashion content and gives insight into her life as a professional photographer.

She admitted she didn’t have high expectations for how her fall decorating attempt would work.

“I tried the viral Pottery Barn pumpkin hack. Here’s how it happened…” the text of the video reads.

Brie showed off a $10 pumpkin she bought at Lowe’s, which was bright orange and shiny.

She combined orange, brown and white paint in a bowl as she prepared to modify the appearance of the carved plastic pumpkin.

The text continues: “Pro tip: make sure to add multiple layers, changing the color tone!

“Add more baking soda than you think. It should almost be a dough! »

After covering the pumpkins with paint and letting them dry, the finished look could fool anyone into thinking they were expensive ceramics.

“I love them!” » said Brie.

She added in the caption: “It went so much better than I thought it would! I used colors: pumpkin orange, true brown and white.

The post came as Pottery Barn was selling a set of three terracotta pumpkins for around $218.

Brie combined paint and baking soda on a plate to tone the color of the pumpkins


Brie combined paint and baking soda on a plate to tone the color of the pumpkinsCredit: TikTok/briethomason

Brie’s video quickly racked up over 1,200 likes and a flood of comments from people impressed with the end result.

One person wrote: “They turned out so good. »

Another said: “I love it. »

A third commented: “So cute! Do you think you would need a matte top coat for them to stand out? »

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Brie replied: “These were very light, so I would be worried they would blow away, but otherwise yes!

“I would spray paint over the top coat so as not to ruin the texture.”

The end result was a perfect dupe of Pottery Barn's terra cotta Halloween pumpkins.


The end result was a perfect dupe of Pottery Barn’s terra cotta Halloween pumpkins.Credit: TikTok/BRIETHOMASON

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