I paid £120 for the perfect fancy cake for my man’s birthday, but was horrified by the result – it was so dirty.

A WOMAN has slammed a professional baker after paying £120 for a “disgusting” cake that looked like it had been “molded by the hands of five-year-olds”.

Elly Vickere said the cake looked like it was made with Play-Doh and was covered in hair, dirt and “fingernail marks.”


Elly shared the cake fail on TikTok in a series of now-viral videosCredit: Instagram/ellyvickere
The cake was supposed to look like a bucket of protein powder


The cake was supposed to look like a bucket of protein powderCredit: TikTok/ellyvickere

She said: “It was supposed to be a realistic cake, but it’s not only horrible, it’s disgusting.”

Elly shared her anger on social media, revealing she drove two hours to collect the cake from the baker.

It was for her boyfriend’s birthday and it was supposed to look like a realistic jar of protein powder.

The Australia-based content creator fumed: “I spent $230 (£120) on this cake and it looks like a kid could have rolled Play-Doh.

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“It looks like it was molded by the hands of five-year-olds.

“It’s unhygienic, it’s dirty, it has hairs – multiple hairs – on it and I’m angry right now.

“The more I sit with this, the angrier I get.”

Elly was first recommended by people on social media to use the baker.

She said: “I needed a realistic cake, so I posted in a Facebook group about women in business saying, ‘Please recommend a cake maker who specializes in realistic cakes.’

“People tagged this lady and she ended up messaging me saying she could do the challenge.”

The brief was for “chocolate mud and chocolate buttercream between layers” of sponge cake, decorated to look like a “protein bucket” with fondant icing.

Elly said that when she collected the expensive cake, the baker’s mother handed her the order.

Elly said: “Interestingly enough, the girl didn’t want to be there to hand over that cake.

“I think she knew she was scamming me. What she did was she couldn’t be there for the transfer and would ask her mother to do it.

“When I drove there for an hour, I was outside the house, his mother came out on the phone and she said, ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t talk. I’m on a phone call.

“She quickly grabs the cake, hands it to me, and sends me back.”

Elly glanced at the cake through the box and accepted that it wouldn’t be entirely realistic, but could never have predicted what she would find when she opened the box completely.

She was mortified at how “dirty” and unrealistic it was.

Elly added: “There are brown spots with black hairs everywhere… There’s like liquid coming out of it.

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“I know she specifically wasn’t there to hand over that disgusting cake. As if my heart was beating wildly. »

Unfortunately, she was not refunded, but the baker has now been banned from the Facebook group Elly originally found her in.

The cake had hair stuck to the fondant icing


The cake had hair stuck to the fondant icingCredit: TikTok/ellyvickere
Elly called the cake 'disgusting' and 'dirty'


Elly called the cake ‘disgusting’ and ‘dirty’Credit: TikTok/ellyvickere

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