I’m a busy mom who shops at Costco. Here are 12 things I buy for quick, healthy meals and snacks.

I buy things for myself and my kids at Costco.Christine Chandra

  • I live in Vancouver with my husband and two children and depend on my trips to Costco for my essentials.

  • At the bulk store, I stock up on everything I need for convenient snacking and easy meal prep.

  • I love Costco’s easy breakfast meals, like turkey sausage, egg rolls, and instant oatmeal.

My life in Vancouver consists of crazy schedules between work, activities for my two children, and preparing meals for my family of four. I often have little to no time between school/work and the next place we need to be.

When time is short but the need to stock up is high, I rely on Costco staples. Here are my favorite things to buy that make my busy schedule easier.

Made Good bars are ideal for parents and children.

hand holding a bulk box of madegood granola bars at costco

Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Bars from Costco are perfect for school lunches.Christine Chandra

Made Good bars are perfect for stocking my snack cupboard. I also put them in my bag or the kids’ soccer bags when traveling.

They’re free of common allergens – which is perfect for my kids’ school – and made with gluten-free oats and vegetable extracts.

Sesame Snaps are a great pre-game energy boost.

hand holding a box of sesame snaps in front of Costco shelves

I’ve always been a fan of Sesame Snaps.Christine Chandra

Sesame Snaps are nostalgic for me – I grew up eating these sugary, seedy treats.

But they’re actually a great low-calorie snack, perfect for fueling up before a football or hockey game.

I take collagen protein daily to (hopefully) age gracefully.

bulk shelves of collagen protein powder at Costco

I use Organika Collagen Powder from Costco daily.Christine Chandra

I like to take collagen daily to strengthen my hair, skin, nails, joints, bones and muscles.

Organika’s collagen powder has no taste, so I mix it with my coffee. Plus, Costco sells it in a 1 kilogram jar, so I rarely run out.

My kids love jerky and I love that it’s a high protein snack.

Hand holding a bulk bag of turkey jerky at Costco

Costco sells Jack Link’s dried teriyaki.Christine Chandra

Gone are the days when beef jerky was just a gas station food. The taste of Jack Link is amazing and my kids love it.

It’s perfect as an extra protein for lunches, recess breaks, or weekend road trips because there are 9 grams in a serving.

Almond butter is a great ingredient at home.

hand holding a jar of natural almond butter in front of shelves at Costco

I use Kirkland Creamy Almond Butter in many recipes.Christine Chandra

Almond butter is a very versatile ingredient. I use it to make waffles, smoothies, nut butter cups, cookies, and even homemade dog treats.

It’s high in protein and essential fats, and it’s a tasty staple to have at home (since my kids can’t bring almond products to school).

I opt for vegetable-based crackers which offer extra fiber.

bulk shelves of sweet potato garlic crackers at Costco

My kids enjoy RW Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers from Costco.Christine Chandra

For the longest time, my kids didn’t eat cheese or crackers. But my son loves RW Garcia sweet potato crackers, so they stuck around.

They taste great, provide fiber and essential minerals, and go with everything. I like to eat them with yogurt dips or on their own.

Heavenly Hunks are great when I’m craving something sweet.

hand holding a bulk bag of heavenly hunks at Costco

I keep Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Heavenly Hunks on hand for those sweet cravings.Christine Chandra

Heavenly Hunks is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and my family. When the demand for desserts is high, especially on a school night, these desserts are a smart choice.

The “guys” are made with oatmeal, dark chocolate, and coconut, and they satisfy my craving for something sweet. I keep them at home and in the office.

Turkey breakfast sausages are a must-have and they’re suitable for the fryer.

boxes of turkey breakfast sausage in freezers at Costco

Costco’s Greenfield Turkey Breakfast Sausages make breakfast easy.Christine Chandra

Greenfield makes the best turkey sausages I’ve ever had.

I throw them in the air fryer on weekday mornings and serve them with whole grain toast and a side of fruit for an easy (and extremely quick) breakfast.

I’ve also used them in soups to add some comfort.

El Monterey egg wraps are my favorite breakfast hack.

boxes of el monterary egg wraps in refrigerators at costco

I keep the El Monterey breakfast wraps at the office.Christine Chandra

On weekday mornings, I almost never have time to eat breakfast. By the time I get to work, my hunger pangs kick in, so I keep some breakfast wraps in there.

All I have to do is put a wrap in the microwave on high for one minute 30 seconds. Then I add a little hot sauce for a hearty breakfast with 10 grams of protein or less than 300 calories.

Having a plant-based base on hand allows me to prepare tasty meals without any effort.

hand holding a pot of better than broth in front of the shelves at Costco

Better Than Bouillon vegetable broth base makes all my meals flavorful.Christine Chandra

I actually love cooking, but my time is limited on weeknights. I use the Better Than Bouillon vegetarian base to flavor meat dishes, stews, sauces and even rice.

This is a great tip for making flavorful dishes without having to season or marinate anything in advance.

I love BoomChickaPop popcorn for packed lunches.

hand holding a large bag of boom chicka popcorn at costco

I’m a big fan of BoomChickaPop Sea Salt Popcorn.Christine Chandra

BoomChickaPop is, in my opinion, the best store bought popcorn. It’s low in calories, non-greasy and airy.

I skip the microwave variety and keep it on hand for after school snacks, to fill the kids’ bento compartments, or to grab a late night snack.

On busy mornings, I turn to instant oatmeal.

bulk boxes of assorted Quaker instant oatmeal on shelves at Costco

My kids love Quaker Instant Oatmeal.Christine Chandra

Although I would prefer my kids to eat homemade oatmeal, they only accept the instant Quaker version.

Costco’s variety box has the three best flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Spice, and Maple Brown Sugar. This is an easy school day breakfast.

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