I’m a farmer – my natural recipe will keep rabbits away from your garden, they don’t like the smell

A HOMESTEADER has shared the recipe which she says will keep rabbits away from disturbing your garden.

It seems the furry creatures don’t like the smell of the ingredients used to create the concoction.


A woman shared her simple recipe to keep rabbits away from your gardenCredit: TikTok/misses.t.and.me
She says they don't like the smell of the ingredients


She says they don’t like the smell of the ingredientsCredit: TikTok/misses.t.and.me

“If you don’t want those naughty bunnies getting into all your vegetables in the garden, try mixing garlic and chilli powder in a sprayer,” the farmer said (@miss.you and.me) began in his TikTok video.

“You have to make it strong enough, it has to have a strong smell, but not too thick where it won’t go through your sprayer, right?

“And spray it around the perimeter of your garden, around the areas you don’t want them to get into.

“They don’t like the smell, and that will hopefully deter them,” she said.

A viewer in the comments section left another method to keep pesky rabbits away.

“It also works great: use hair that comes out when you wash it. Put the clumps in the garden. They smell human and stay away. Legit,” they wrote.

Previously, a man also shared a gardening hack – he revealed his chemical-free trick that kills weeds instantly.

“Here are some tips your landscapers don’t want you to know for getting rid of weeds,” Collin (@bluemelonco) began in a TikTok video.

“Boil some water first. Then take your pot of boiling water and pour it directly over the weeds,” he explained.

He demonstrated by running hot water from the pipes over the weeds.

He added that the tip is chemical-free and pet-friendly.

“Instantly kills weeds without chemicals down to the roots and seeds. Plants hate hot water. Extreme temperature is too high for weeds,” Collin explained in the caption.

He added in the comments section of the clip that the boiling water method would keep the weeds away for about a month.

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