Jamie Lee Curtis just shared her Creamy Chicken Soup recipe and we know what we’re making for dinner this week

Is there anything Jamie Lee Curtis can’t do? The beloved actress won an Oscar earlier this year for her role in Everything everywhere at the same timewowed us with her incredible appearance in season 2 of the fan-favorite series The bear And shares relatable stories, like having toilet paper stuck to your shoe, on social media. She’s charming, very supportive of her fellow actors and is someone we’re sure we’d love to be friends with.

And now we’re also pretty sure we’d like to come to her place for dinner. She took to her Instagram feed to share her chicken soup recipe, complete with photos of the delicious, creamy version of the fall classic.

“OLD DOG, NEW TRICK JLC DOUBLE SUNDAY CHICKEN SOUP,” she said in the Instagram caption, before dropping the ingredients you need to make the soup. The video and photos included in the post showed the creamy pureed soup, which also included chunks of potato and chicken breast.

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Curtis didn’t include specific measurements but gave fans a general idea of ​​how to prepare the soup. She starts by sautéing the onion, celery, carrot and garlic, then adds water to cover and drops in a vegetable stock cube. While all this is cooking, she peels and cubes two potatoes and covers them with water with a splash of vinegar. When the aromatics are tender, she purees the soup in her Vitamix blender and returns it to the pot.

This next part is a bit vague/confusing in the article, but it seems that once you put the soup back in the pot, you then add the potatoes (drain the vinegar water) and cook them until fork tender. This is also when you add four cooked chicken breasts, cut into cubes. When the potatoes are cooked and the chicken is nice and hot, it’s time to eat.

Curtis also suggests adding a few thick slices of sourdough bread to accompany the soup, which we 100% agree with. The bread in her post is from Coco Bakes, a Los Angeles bakery that appears to be owned by one of Curtis’ friends (the account reposted Curtis’ soup in its Instagram Stories with the caption “friends supporting friends”) .

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Fans were excited to see the recipe and many mentioned that they saved the post so they could try it soon.

“Oh, this looks so good! Perfect for a rainy Sunday!!” said one commenter.

“It’s so nice of you to share this delicious recipe. I can’t wait to try cooking it! Thank you!!” said another.

It also seemed like there were a few The bear fans in the group.

“Yes sir !” one person said, although we’d say “Yes, Jeff” might have been more appropriate.

“Thanks mom, looks delicious 🙂,” said another, referring to Curtis’ role as Carmy’s mother in The bear.

Another commenter proved it was real The bear fan. “I hope this chicken soup was less stressful than the seven fish soup,” they said, referencing the intense Feast of the Seven Fishes episode in which Curtis prepared the classic Italian holiday meal for the family. Things didn’t end well that night, so we also hope this meal ended well for our buddy Jamie.

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