Jamie Lee Curtis’ Must-Have Lemon Cake Contains Jell-O

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Even though Jamie Lee Curtis has been in show biz for decades, she hasn’t let the spotlight overshadow her humility, much less her hospitality skills. The decorated actress has a weakness for baking and her specialty is lemon cake, which has become an essential dessert. She discovered the recipe for the citrus delight in Anne Byrn’s “The Cake Mix Doctor,” a 1999 cookbook that shows how to transform ordinary cakes into boxes of party-worthy centerpieces.

Curtis’ Lemon Cake requires just a handful of basic ingredients: classic yellow cake mix, oil (or melted butter as a reliable substitute), warm water, whole eggs, lemon zest and, of course, the VIP: a whole packet of lemon jelly. -O. “Jell-O is the secret because it makes it rich and moist and delicious,” she shared on “Today.” The iconic gelatin powder is all it takes to elevate a standard yellow cake from a humble treat to a fruit-essence indulgence—just one of the many Jell-O tricks you’ll want to try. For an elegant and nostalgic presentation, Curtis highly recommends breaking out your old Bundt pan.

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Lemon Jell-O takes Jamie Lee’s yellow cake up a notch

bowl of lemon Jell-O

bowl of lemon Jell-O – Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Jamie Lee Curtis admits to intentionally underbaking the cake, a technique she says “makes it a little more delicious.” This deliberate departure from conventional wisdom results in a texture that has a delectable softness and sponginess. But the journey of flavors doesn’t stop in the oven; the dessert is decorated with a simple glaze made by mixing icing sugar and lemon juice. The opaque frosting imparts a delicate sweetness that perfectly complements the citrus cake.

One of Curtis’s most recent and notable roles is that of Donna Berzatto, the protagonist’s temperamental mother in “The Bear”. In Season 2, Episode 6 of the award-winning television series, Berzatto’s Christmas dinner menu includes yet another beloved dessert, the cannolis, which eventually becomes a symbol of healing. “Being in this kitchen, that’s how I cook,” Curtis told “Today” host Savannah Guthrie, referring to the hectic atmosphere leading up to the party. But in real life, the beloved star’s passion for cooking and baking reflects her true appreciation for good food and the joy it brings.

As she assured the hosts and the news audience: “I’m killing it in the kitchen!” Her favorite lemon cake, however, can be made by almost anyone who craves something sweet, bright and easy. Just make sure to add the jiggly stuff! And if you don’t have Jell-O, instant pudding works too.

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