Jazz up your breakfast streusel bread with an addition of fruit

Enjoying a nice slice of cinnamon streusel bread in the morning is a great way to start the day. But there’s a way to make it even better: add fruit. The right fruit will brighten up the bread, adding sweetness and a more complex flavor. That’s exactly how we take bread to the next level in Tasting Table’s Cinnamon Pear Streusel Bread.

Recipe developer Jessica Morone chose pears because they aren’t commonly found in breads, but nonetheless brighten up bread in a flavorful way. Morone says, “Pears are delicious and juicy and one of my favorite fruits in general. If you like pears, you will like this bread. » The pears are cubed and incorporated directly into the dough – so the pear flavor will be front and center in the finished bread, complemented by the buttery, cinnamony goodness of the streusel on top.

Although our recipe uses pears for their uniqueness, you can also opt for another fruit. The most obvious substitute is, of course, apples, as the two fruits are often swapped for each other – as in Tasting Table’s suggestion to improve applesauce by replacing the main ingredient with pears. Plus, it’s no secret that cinnamon and apples complement each other perfectly – just look at apple pie or baked spiced apple crumbs for proof. But the options don’t stop there.

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How to customize fruit-filled streusel bread

Pear and walnut bread on a plate – Svetlana Monyakova/Getty Images

One way to give a special touch to streusel bread is to use both apples. And pears are the perfect compromise when you find yourself torn between the two fruits. You can also try a different fruit combination, like pairing banana with apple or pear – this will make for an ultra-moist and flavorful upgraded version of banana bread.

Whatever fruit or combination of fruits you decide to use, you can also add additional ingredients to make the bread even more appealing and unique. For example, you can add your favorite type of nuts, either by including them in the bread dough or by finely chopping them and including them in the streusel topping. Or, if you want a little extra sweetness, you can add your favorite type of chocolate chips: milk chocolate and dark chocolate will pair wonderfully with the other bread ingredients. To truly make it a dessert, you can even prepare a homemade icing to coat the top of the bread. Or, instead of frosting, you can simply have vanilla ice cream on hand and serve it with a warm slice of fruit bread.

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