Jholano’s Deli Opens Italian Street Food Restaurant in Miami

One of Miami’s best Italian delis, which went viral on social media thanks to its mouth-watering sandwiches, is embarking on a new mission: bringing Roman street food to Miami in an ambiance that teleports its guests to Italy.

Jholano’s Deli, the viral Coral Gables deli shop known for its sturdy Italian sandwiches and long lines, is opening a Roman street food restaurant called Fratelli By Jholano’s in downtown Dadeland in Kendall, next to Carrot Express. The soft opening is Friday, March 1st.

In true Jholano fashion, table reservations are already flying out as fast as his sandwiches are flying off his deli counter in the Gables. And the restaurant isn’t even open yet.

But what exactly is a Roman street food restaurant? “It’s Italian, but don’t expect pasta on the menu other than our homemade lasagna,” owner Julio Humberto Olano tells New times.

On the menu, Olano and his team prepare Tuscan, Roman and Venetian-inspired classics like fig-covered Roman flatbreads, Italian charcuterie, prosciutto and artichokes, salads made with aged balsamic glaze and ripe cherry tomatoes , fried potato balls. with homemade aioli and Neapolitan meatballs made from San Marzano tomatoes served with crusty focaccia bread called mezzi doppio.

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At Fratelli By Jholano’s in downtown Dadeland, expect Roman flatbreads, salads made with aged balsamic glaze and ripe cherry tomatoes, and Neapolitan meatballs served with crispy doppio mezzi bread.

Photo by Derek Arencibia

For those who are fans of Jholano’s Deli’s cult sandwiches, three focaccia sandwiches from the deli will also be on the menu.

“We will be offering five sandwiches in total – three are the deli fan favorites that you can get at Jholano’s, namely the ‘The Jholano’, the ‘3 am in Rome’ and the ‘7 am in Milano'” , he explains. “The other two sandwiches are a breakfast sandwich and a meatball sub.”

The three aforementioned sandwiches have achieved cult status on social media. “Le Jholano” is made with focaccia bread, fig jam, brie, prosciutto di parma, mortadella, hard salami, arugula, oil, balsamic vinegar and a little salt and pepper . The “3 a.m. in Rome” is also a foccacia sandwich, but this one is topped with hard salami, hot capicola, fresh mozzarella and salt. Finally, the “7 am in Milano” consists of focaccia bread, hard salami, hot capicola, truffle burrata, arugula, salt, pepper, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Therefore, those who want to avoid the long line for a Jholano’s sandwich in the Gables will be able to try one in the Kendall area – if they can get a reservation in time.

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A photograph of Julio Humberto Olano and his business partner Gustavo Ramírez preparing menu ideas and taking photos and videos in Italy in 2022

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The history of Jhlolano’s Deli and Fratelli by Jholano’s dates back to early 2022, when Olano, a born and raised Kendall resident of Cuban and Nicaraguan descent, and his business partner Gustavo Ramírez flew to Italy to create recipes inspired by the food they ate in Tuscany. , Rome and Venice.

“In February 2022, my partner and I went to Italy to prepare a number of menu items for the deli, but we also cooked a bunch of menu items that we recorded in our cookbook so that a One day, when we opened a restaurant, restaurant, we could bring our flavors of Italy to Miami.

They didn’t just want to open an Italian restaurant. They wanted to open one that was as authentic as possible about the experiences they had in Italy. It’s an impressive challenge for two young business partners who draw on their tastes and experiences to put together their menu. However, their business model has already proven itself – and they are only just getting started. “I’ve worked with so many restaurants and helped market them that I learned good cooking from them,” Olano says. “We don’t have an executive chef, it’s just me and my partner who control what we put on the menu.”

That’s why you won’t find a range of spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo or penne a la vodka on the menu. They serve exactly what the Romans would eat in Italy.

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“Jholano Loves Fig” flatbread is made with Italian fig jam, walnuts, prosciutto di parma and micro basil.

Photo by Derek Arencibia

The restaurant, which will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., will serve late breakfast, lunch and dinner at its new location in downtown Dadeland.

Located next to numerous shops and restaurants, the restaurant will offer indoor and outdoor seating options. In its dimly lit dining room, expect a brick wall, small modern light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and wine glasses hanging along the kitchen wall.

As for the restaurant’s singular pasta dish, it’s lasagna. Olano points out that it’s not like a regular lasagna, because it’s pan-fried and covered in a creamy house-made tomato sauce.

“We want to bring to Miami the flavors we learned in Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Milan. So this is a project we’ve been working on for over two years. We can’t wait for you to try it.”

Fratelli of Jholano. 8860 SW 72 Place, Miami; fratellibyjholanos.com. Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Opening March 1st.

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