Katie Lee Biegel’s Hidden Heart Ice Cream Cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day and couldn’t be easier to make

Valentine’s Day is coming, and the sweetest way to show someone you love them is simple: prepare them something! A gift that comes from the heart – with a literal heart inside – is both delicious and perfect for the holidays. Katie Lee Biegel recently shared her recipe for homemade ice cream cake with a hidden heart in the center, and we definitely want to make it for our loved ones next month!

Start with hearts

In an episode of Food Network The kitchen, shared on YouTube, Biegel and Chef Jeff Mauro showed him how to make his hidden heart cake, and it looks so good! Start by mixing the melted butter, eggs and other ingredients in a bowl. Red gel food coloring will give it the very bright red color needed for the core inside. In another bowl, whisk the dry ingredients, then mix with the first bowl.

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The thick dough is then placed in a baking sheet and baked. Once finished, Biegel uses a heart-shaped cookie cutter to easily cut out a dozen red hearts and stack them on top of each other.

Then it’s time for ice cream!


Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap and fill it with a little vanilla ice cream, then freeze it to create a sturdy base layer. Pour some softened ice cream over the frozen ice cream, then carefully place your heart shape in the middle, pointed side up. To finish the ice cream cake, Biegel puts more ice cream on top, then mixes leftover red cake crumbs with sprinkles and crumbles on top. It returns to the freezer for at least 4-6 hours.

When the cake is ready, the plastic wrap you used will help it come out of the pan. She turns it over and cuts it, revealing the white ice cream cake with a cute red heart in the center.


“Lovely blonde vibe, small, chewy and dense in the middle, all surrounded and encompassed by that velvety ice cream and those little crunchies on the outside,” Mauro exclaimed after trying a bite. “I love it!”

People also praised the cake in the comments section. “It’s really cute!” one person wrote. Another commented: “I love cake twice as much when it comes with ice cream 🤤.” »

Ice cream cake is so good, and this makes it even better with the heart hidden inside each slice. It beats store bought chocolates any day!

Get the full recipe for Biegel’s Hidden Heart Cake HERE.

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