La Boutique Unique helps children with special needs prepare for life after school

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The Unique Boutique is unique because it helps children with special needs prepare for life after school.

  • The One Shop is the West Ada School District’s Adult Transition Academy.
  • Students with special needs receive the training they need to prepare for the workforce
  • Parents can request information from their school’s case managers

(Below is the transcript of the broadcast story)

I spent the day getting to know the children who experienced Unique Boutique and was very impressed. I was greeted by Hanna who now works at the Kidz Again retail store in Meridian. Hanna is one of several students who have completed a West Ada transition program that helps students with special needs prepare for life after high school. Here, students collect, evaluate and sell clothing and interact with customers.

Ethan took what he learned at Unique Boutique and now works at Goodwill organizing shelves.

Angie Hickman, adult transition special education manager, says any parent can contact their high school case manager for more information. Hickman explained, “If they are diagnosed with a disability, then they are eligible to stay in school until the semester in which they turn 21.” So, these students come to our program, to keep them in school instead of taking a traditional course. graduation.”

Students like Mikayla, who now works two days a week at Garbanzo’s Pizza in Meridian.

“The teachers pushed me to come here and get a job, and I needed it. And so, I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll take it,'” Mikayla told me.

Hickman added that parents can get more information from their school’s case managers.

Mikayla’s boss, Carlee Simpson, owns Garbanzo’s Pizza and has partnered with the school district for years. She says this program is very important for these children. “I love the kids and I love the program. I love that it helps them build their confidence. And seeing them from day one, coming in unsure of themselves, of what they can do with themselves, and watching them grow and blossom. And then I get new students,” Simpson said.

Roberto is like the main spokesperson, as he went through a similar program years ago in high school. Today, Roberto is a valued employee at the Idaho Pizza Company in Eagle. “They help me with interviews, we’ve done job interviews, life skills, hygiene and all that. I can’t thank the program enough for what it has done for me,” Roberto said.

And they are always looking for donations. So if you could help them it would be much appreciated.

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