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FARGO — Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill will soon join downtown Fargo’s vibrant dining scene.

Reeno Ilogu, co-owner of District 64 Bar and Nightlife, and Jose Perez, co-owner of Fargo-based El Agave Mexican restaurant, announced that the second floor of District 64 will now be dedicated to Las Palmas, a family-friendly, all-you-can-eat restaurant serving a blend of authentic Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine.

An opening is planned for August 1 in Las Palmas.

The owners of downtown Fargo’s District 64 nightclub and south Fargo’s El Agave Mexican restaurant are partnering to open a new restaurant called Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill. The restaurant will be located on the second floor of 64 Broadway, as scheduled to open Wednesday, July 10, 2024. District 64 will continue to operate on the building’s first floor.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

The ground floor of 64 Broadway will remain the District 64 bar and dance venue, where regular events will continue, Ilogu said.

Ilogu, a die-hard Mexican food lover, said the collaboration was a natural fit. After researching dining options downtown, he realized there was no authentic Mexican restaurant. He said it was easy to call Perez, a longtime friend.

“This is something we’ve always wanted to do,” Ilogu told the Forum. “Partnering with El Agave gives us an advantage. They serve incredible food… It’s almost like it was meant to be.”


The second-floor bar at District 64 in downtown Fargo is seen on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. It is being transformed into a new restaurant called Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill. Las Palmas is a partnership between the owners of District 64 and El Agave Mexican restaurant.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

The upper level of District 64 has a commercial kitchen, but the creation of Las Palmas requires more equipment, which will arrive soon.

Perez said the second floor of 64 Broadway represents a great opportunity to bring his vision of Mexican cuisine to downtown.

“There’s nothing like it here,” Perez said. “I think it’s going to be the best place to eat in downtown Fargo. Period.”

“I think it’s the perfect blend of Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican cuisine,” Ilogu said.


District 64 nightclub co-owner Reeno Ilogu, left, and El Agave Mexican restaurant co-owner Jose Perez talk about their partnership to launch Las Palmas Mexican Bar and Grill, which will be located on the second floor of 64 Broadway in downtown Fargo. District 64 will continue to operate on the building’s first floor.

Chris Flynn / The Forum

Las Palmas offers beautiful views of Broadway, with the renovated Bell Bank Tower rising a few blocks south at 520 Main Avenue. With the third-story bar’s three-paned windows open, a refreshing breeze makes for pleasant summer mornings.

Ilogu said the completion of the Bell Bank project, which brings another 300 company employees to the city centre, will “be good for business.”

El Agave Mexican restaurant opened in December 2023 at 2581 45th St. S. in the former Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que building.

District 64 opened in May 2022 as a two-level nightclub, with bars on both floors.

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