Looking for a unique breakfast this weekend? Try Babai Idli

Cool, warm parathas, with a dollop of butter on top, are a heavenly pairing that satisfies all souls. But have you tried to have the same makkhan with idlis? Don’t worry, we are neither trying to experiment with the classic South Indian dish nor to make a connection between North and South Indian cuisine. To your surprise, it is an authentic Andhra Pradesh dish that makes a popular breakfast choice among the locals. You heard us. We agree that idli along with chutney and sambhar define South Indian cuisine globally, but if you explore you will find various regional versions of idli that will leave you in awe of its perfect flavor profile. This particular dish is called Babai Idli and trust us, it will leave you wanting more.

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About Babai Idli: Why is the dish called Babai Idli?

We are sure that you are surely fascinated by the name of the dish and wondering why it is called like that?! Let us explain it to you. This dish features soft idlis, dipped in ghee and served with a dollop of butter on top and podi on the side. Along with this, you will also get chutney and sambhar to make a complete meal. This combination was first created by a restaurant named Babai Hotel in Vijaywada. For the uninitiated, it was established in 1942 and over the years Babai Hotel and the dish have become the icon of the region. So much so that today you will find this idli-makkhan combination replicated by various other restaurants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is called Babai idli.

Given its immense popularity, this weekend we thought of reproducing the iconic jumpsuit at home. Before you begin, remember that every element of the dish should be freshly prepared to get the most out of the flavors.

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Idlis taste better with podi masala.
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Babai Idli Recipe: How to Make Andhra Idli with Makkhan:

We’ve split the recipe into three steps – first we’ll teach you how to make fresh idlis, then we’ll show you how to make beurre blanc and podi masala at home. at home. Finally, all you have to do is assemble everything and serve. Look at.

How to make fresh idlis at home:

To make the classic rice idli, first soak the rice and urad dal for at least five hours, then grind the two separately, while the dal paste should be smooth, keep the rice paste a little coarse. Mix the two together, add water and salt and prepare a drop consistency paste. Leave the dough to ferment overnight, then make fluffy idlis with it the next morning. Click here for the recipe.

How to make makkhan at home:

Today, you can easily get a packet of unsalted butter/white butter/makkhan at any grocery store. But believe us, it has nothing to do with those prepared at home. So we thought of sharing the process with you. To prepare the makkhan, take the malai from a bowl and place it in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes. Then swirl the malai until you see butter floating on top. Wait a while until the butter solidifies. Separate the butter from the whey water and enjoy. Click here for a step-by-step recipe.

How to make podi (gunpowder) at home:

Podi basically means masala. You can create this masala with various ingredients and customize the flavor to suit your palate. We bring a basic podi recipe that is easy to prepare and delicious. It includes til, Kashmiri red chilli, oil, curry leaves, urad and chana dal and salt. Start by grilling the til in a pan, then set it aside. Heat the oil and add the red chillies, curry leaves, chana dal and urad dal and roast everything together. Transfer all ingredients to a blender and grind to a coarse powder. And you have a delicious podi ready to enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

Now that you have all the ingredients at hand, assemble them, pair them with chutney and sambhar and serve.

Try this delicious version of idli and let us know if you liked it.

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