Make holiday mornings magical with breakfast recipes made with real California milk

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So many memories are made in the kitchen. On cold winter mornings, there’s nothing like gathering with loved ones around the counter to hold sentimental conversations and cook warm, nourishing meals. With free time during the holidays, people can enjoy special breakfasts and brunches that work or school usually limits. These special morning moments can feature recipes from winters past or new sources of inspiration, like Real California Milk and its catalog of amazing dishes. Indeed, making Real California Milk dairy products a central part of your meals is a delicious gift you can give to your loved ones.

Real California Milk represents the diversity of dairy products that make meals special. The Real California Milk label means products are made with sustainably sourced milk from California dairy families. Recipes like Greek Vegetable and Feta Frittata, Ricotta Churro Waffles, and Chocolate Chip Crepes all bring these products to the forefront and have people hanging around the kitchen until the moment their food is ready to eat.

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Greek vegetable and feta frittata

pan frittata, vegetables and feta – Real California Milk

Nothing goes better with breakfast than eggs and dairy. This Greek Vegetable and Feta Frittata is easy to make for large groups of people and features flavorful ingredients that satisfy savory breakfast cravings. It’s packed with vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, and kalamata olives to provide nutrients and flavor. By whisking real California milk into the eggs, the frittata remains soft and delicate while cooking.

The star of the show, however, is the Real California Feta, which is slightly creamy and offers a salty touch. One thing that won’t be Greek to you, however, is the simple cooking process. Simply brown the vegetables in a pan before adding the egg mixture, which you will then cook together before cooking everything. The whole thing takes about an hour to complete. Enjoy this frittata with a slice of toasted sourdough and a glass of sweet orange juice for a complete and hearty meal. There’s no better way to start your day!

Recipe: Greek Frittata with Vegetables and Feta

Ricotta Churro Waffles

cinnamon and ricotta waffles

Cinnamon Ricotta Waffles – Real California Milk

A good brunch just isn’t complete without something sweet, and waffles are the perfect blank canvas for sweet toppings and flavors. These Ricotta Churro Waffles may be a work of culinary art that tastes even better than it looks – which is saying something. This recipe is especially easy if you have waffle mix on hand, because you only need to add a few ingredients, including real California butter and milk.

The churro portion of this recipe comes at the end when each waffle is brushed with melted California butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. The icing on the cake of this churro-inspired dish is real California ricotta, which can be spooned directly onto waffles straight from the tub – the easiest way to elevate this sweet breakfast staple.

Recipe: Ricotta Churro Waffles

Chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes

Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Real California Milk

Give circular breakfast favorites a simple twist by making them in a giant sheet pan. Chocolate chip pancakes are the perfect dish for a crowd. Simply prepare the pancake batter as usual and pour it into a large baking sheet to cook. Visually, the rectangular result resembles a cake, but using a baking sheet allows the pancake to stay on the thinner side. While any toppings or mix-ins can work well, classic chocolate chips are a crowd-pleaser. Plus, between prep and cooking, it only takes about half an hour to make this dessert-like treat for breakfast.

The recipe calls for real California unsalted butter and milk, but save some to top the pancakes – with maple syrup. Then cut the cooked crepe into square pieces and serve with hot coffee for a cozy winter brunch.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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