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Summer unofficially begins with the arrival of Memorial Day in late May. Although it is a holiday designed to honor American military personnel who have died in various wars, it also serves double duty to gather with friends and loved ones and enjoy the return of the fun season in the weather. hot.

Barbecues are the centerpieces of Memorial Day celebrations. It may have been a while since the grill has been lit, so anyone can take a little refresher course in barbecue etiquette. Here are some tips for making the most of the Memorial Day holidays.

Prepare the grill

If your grill has been sitting idle for several months, it’s wise to inspect and clean it thoroughly before Memorial Day. Insects like spiders may have built homes inside, and grease and grime may linger from last year. Make sure the grill is in top shape before cooking for guests.

Keep food safety in mind

A US Department of Agriculture study found that more than half of study participants did not attempt to wash their hands when preparing food. Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure guests don’t get sick while barbecuing. Keep foods refrigerated until ready to cook or serve. Use a food thermometer to cook to the required internal temperature to ensure bacteria are destroyed. Do not use the same utensils that have touched raw meat to remove cooked food from the grill.

Provide shade

It can get quite hot outside even in May in many parts of the country. Therefore, prepare a place where guests can escape the sun. If you don’t have enough table umbrellas, consider lightweight nets or canopies for shade. Move them as needed as the sun moves across the sky.

Develop a signature rub

Set your food apart with unique flavors. Create a summery marinade using your favorite herbs and spices. Prepare a big batch to use throughout grilling season.

Don’t let food sit

The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service advises food should not be left for more than two hours, or one hour if the temperature is over 90°F. Keep buffet-style foods covered so insects don’t land on the items and run the risk of contamination. Move leftovers inside quickly if you plan to keep them.

Offer a variety of beverages

It is important to stay hydrated in hot weather. Fill the cooler with plenty of water, juices, iced teas, etc. If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, keep them separate from non-alcoholic items so that children cannot access them.

Make it a lucky jar

If you’re hosting, cut down on some of the work by having the main foods available and having guests bring sides and drinks. This will cover the costs and relieve some of the pressure.

Memorial Day barbecues can be successful with a little planning and simple safety precautions.

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