MasterChef viewers baffled by anchovy ice cream and garlic brownie dish

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MasterChef’s remaining seven amateur chefs were tasked with coming up with “so bad it’s true” dishes, and they certainly rose to the challenge.

We’ve seen cheesy singles and evaporated milk in a mac and cheese recipe before, which sent Josh home, but in the most recent episode, they made his dish super tame with their ideas.

A particular standout was Vanessa, who served a black garlic brownie with anchovy condensed milk ice cream.

You might be a little concerned if you found this in your friend’s freezer or on a menu, but its overstepping was what the task called for. In fact, when it came to serving time, judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace thought she hadn’t pushed it far enough. Yes, you read that right!

John told Vanessa, “I think your brownie is really well done”, but added that he wanted a “crunchier top”.

“I don’t get a black garlic prominence,” he complained. He wanted more garlic!

Vanessa’s dish has viewers divided (Photo: Instagram/Vanessa D’Souza)
Not everyone was a fan of Vanessa’s dish (Picture: MasterChef)

Gregg echoed his sentiment, as he also wanted a stronger aroma.

He initially told Vanessa that he was “grinding like crazy” to get as many anchovy shavings on the ice as he could.

‘I could feel it. It was disturbing,” he said before adding that it was “very subtle, probably too subtle.”


John and Gregg thought it was too subtle (Picture: BBC/Shine TV)

Unfortunately for Vanessa, the subtlety of her dish prevented her from progressing in the competition, and left with Robin who cooked sea bass and vanilla.

MasterChef fans reacted to its combination of ingredients in hilarious ways.

One viewer wrote: “I believe this is one of the first signs of the apocalypse.”

‘The fish ice cream with my brownie is too subtle. ffs #MasterChef do you hear yourself? dear lord, what’s wrong with clotted cream and strawberries with a brownie?!!!!!!’ added another.

“I may be uneducated with all this except the anchovy ice cream. Please stop. #Chef‘, begged a viewer

Chariya also pushed the envelope with salt fish in a cheese scone with whipped bree.

His unusual combination pleased the judges a little better.

Gregg was full of compliments, telling her, “This is absolutely delicious. Extraordinary.’ “Absolutely everything you’ve done is perfect,” John interjected.

Not everyone at home agreed. One person wrote: “This ride is on.” Don’t mince your words!

Omar served trout, scallops and mussels with a ham and pineapple broth, which was also fairly well received by critics.

We’re thinking of sticking with cheese sandwiches for now.

MasterChef continues tomorrow at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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