Milk Makeup Refreshing Water Jelly Tint Gives You the Juiciest Color Ever

Word viral seems to be offered by most beauty brands these days, but every once in a while a product comes along that actually meets the definition. Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint is the latest beauty launch to In fact going viral on social media, so much so that it became essential online. A quick survey around the Charm The office showed that most staff members had seen the new Milk Makeup blush on TikTok or Instagram, and everyone was curious to try the squishy, ​​jiggly, jelly-like tube.

The texture has become quite a spectacle in video reviews, with users showing off the blush bouncing by poking, prodding, and in some extreme cases, biting into the product (to be clear: Milk’s refreshing water jelly shade Makeup is not safe for consumption.)

Described by the brand as “a clear tint for lips and cheeks”, the Cooling Water Jelly Tints are formulated with seawater, aloe and vegan collagen to create an instant cooling effect when applied. application. It comes in four vibrant shades – Burst (poppy pink), Spritz (coral), Splash (berry) and Chill (red) – with a watercolor-like finish and buildable coverage.

For a bolder look (and feel the refreshing effect), the brand recommends applying it directly to the skin and blending quickly with a brush or sponge. Expect this blush to last a lifetime (or almost!) since the brand promises over 1,000 swipes per stick.

To see if Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint lives up to the hype, we tried the berry-colored blush stick, Splash, on six different skin types and tones. Here are our honest reviews.

Milk makeup refreshing water jelly tint lips + cheeks blush

$24.00, Sephora

Perrie Samotin, Digital Director, wearing Splash

My persistently dry skin (and my 90s upbringing) have made me a true fan of many products that define themselves as jelly. And if the product looks like jelly, well, put it back. I tried Splash, a deep berry shade that I found exceptionally flattering on my skin tone (light with neutral undertones); it brought out my cheekbones and went well with my greenish eyes. I love how moist it is, for lack of a better word, and how pure it is.

My only complaint? She was almost Also long-lasting in that I had a bit of trouble getting it to spread properly when first applied, but I realize now that there is a bit of a learning curve, at least for my fairly dry: work quickly and use a stippling brush. The second time it was spotless.

Senior Beauty Editor Ariana Yaptangco wearing Splash

The first thing I noticed about the Cooling Water Jelly shade in Splash was that it looked a lot like grape jelly. I understand it looks like food, but come on people! Let’s not bite on that. Either way, blushing can seem a little intimidating because it’s so bright. I could tell it was going to be pigmented with a capital P, so I took some product with a fluffy brush and applied it to my cheeks. I know this isn’t the preferred method of application, but I was shocked to find that it worked really well. I was also surprised to find that my tan skin color looked more pink than purple, but I’m not complaining. It’s a very pretty pink color that looks natural, soft and super light.

But I have to admit: I didn’t apply the blush directly to my face. While the cooling jelly component is fun, I feel like I don’t need it and using a brush works just fine for me. It’s a stunning blush in its own right: it doesn’t need any gimmicks to prove it! That said, if you like sensory products, you’ll love the added experience.

Monique Wilson, editorial assistant, wearing Splash

The color and pigment of this blush is very strong and the smallest amount of product goes a long way. As for how much product to use, it took me a few tries to figure out. Even when I applied just a small amount, it still seemed too much for my liking. I liked the refreshing effect it had on my skin, but I don’t see it working any better than my other blushes, just as a cool product. That being said, the color lasted all day and it suited my skin tone.

Lindy Segal, Acting Associate Editor, wearing Splash

Milk brings back the fun of makeup with the refreshing water jelly tint. From the squishy gel texture to the pretty sheer color, it’s a joy to use. I love the feeling of putting it on my cheeks and lips – it’s really refreshing! – as well as the summer color it adds to my (otherwise sad) winter skin. I was a little worried that Splash, which looks like a dark red wine in the tube, would be too much for my fair skin, but since it’s sheer it works surprisingly; the key is to just use two to three points. On the lips it adds a very pretty tint that also works great under a clear gloss. A very The important thing to note is that it dries quickly, so once you apply it to your cheeks, blend it quickly.

Ruhama Wolle, Special Projects Editor, wearing Splash

I really like how smooth the Jelly Tint blends and how cool it feels upon application. It can be built on darker skin tones and the pop of color is immediately noticeable. However, I found it frustrating that there is a dryness that tends to develop on the sides of the gel shade, causing it to peel off upon application. It’s also worth noting that blush stains the skin easily, so be careful if you use your fingers to apply it.

Although the berry shade is a bit more pink than I usually prefer, I still find that it complements my skin tone well. By the end of the day, however, I noticed that my skin was oxidized and taking on an orange tint. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a versatile blush that can be worn for a natural flush or a pop of vibrant color.

Andrea Navarro, business editor, wearing Splash

It was a real treat for my skin in the morning! I loved the cooling feeling as soon as I put it on and was a little surprised at how pink it felt on my skin. I was really expecting Splash to be a little more purple. Still, I liked the color and felt that it matched my skin tone really well. I dabbed this on my cheeks and nose straight from the tube after using a tinted moisturizer and a little concealer on my face.

To blend it, I used my fingers and didn’t need to blend it further with a brush or sponge. Aside from the initial cooling sensation, I didn’t really feel much on my skin, which is great because I can’t stand sticky or heavy products on my skin. The only downside is that I noticed the pigment faded a bit throughout the day, but since it’s so easy to apply and blend, I wouldn’t mind taking it with me for a touch-up.

Ariana Yaptangco is the senior beauty editor at Charm. Follow her @arianayap.

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