Mind Blown Seafood and PLNT Burger Team Up to Launch “New Bay” Crab Cake Sandwich

In celebration of World Ocean Month, The Plant Based Seafood Co.’s Mind Blown™ and vegan chain PLNT Burger announce they are teaming up to launch the New Bay Crab Cake Sandwich this summer.

“I’ve been thrilled to partner with Mind Blown since I first tasted their shrimp a few years ago”

Available for a limited time, the sandwich will be sold at all 7 PLNT Burger locations across the DC metro area – including Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC – from June 1 through Labor Day weekend. .

The New Bay Sandwich features Mind Blown’s Plant-Based Maryland-Style Crab Cake, which is said to offer the true taste and texture of traditional crabmeat and contains 11 grams of protein. As part of Mind Blown’s mission to protect the oceans, 1% of profits will be donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation, which works to restore the health of coral reefs worldwide.

Vegetable crab meal ©Mind Blown

“We are thrilled to partner with PLNT Burger to bring our Mind Blown Crab Cake to life in the irresistible New Bay Crab Cake Sandwich!” said Monica Talbert, CEO of Mind Blown. “I can’t think of a better partner to launch this Limited Time Offer (LTO) and the timing couldn’t be more perfect before World Ocean Month!”

Leader and investor

PLNT Burger is co-founded by celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, who is also the chain’s culinary director. PLNT Burger, which specializes in plant-based gourmet burgers, fries and shakes, operates more than 10 restaurants along the US East Coast.

In 2022, Mendelsohn became an investor in Mind Blown’s award-winning alternative seafood brand.

PLNT Burger Sandwiches
© PLNT Burger

“The perfect product”

“I’ve been thrilled to partner with Mind Blown since I first tasted their shrimp a few years ago,” Mendelsohn said. “As a chef, I expect plant-based seafood to be as good as traditional premium seafood before it can be introduced in our restaurants. Given their history in the Chesapeake Bay seafood business, the team at Mind Blown clearly shared my vision and produced some incredibly tasty products!

“This crab cake is the perfect product for our PLNT Burger customers. We toss it in classic old bay and serve it with crisp green leaf lettuce to satisfy that summer craving we all have for fried seafood, but doing it in a way that’s healthier for us and better for our oceans. What could be better than a tasty sandwich to celebrate World Ocean Month! »

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