M&S launches NEW Easter egg with its own cocktail as chocolate lovers rush to fill their trolleys – The Sun

SHOPPERS are rushing to nab the ‘ultimate’ new Easter egg with a naughty twist – as fans say ‘you don’t want to miss this’.

M&S is offering chocolate lovers the perfect mix of exciting new flavors, as customers rush to fill their trolleys.


Marksologist Egg-spresso Martini Easter Egg Wows FansCredit: Facebook

The Egg-Spresso Easter Egg is a “gourmet” blend of mouth-watering salted caramel and a classic Espresso Martini cocktail.

Made by The Marksologist, fans were delighted to see their chocolate and coffee blend hit the shelves.

In the announcement on Facebook, M&S wrote: “You don’t want to miss this!

“That’s right, we have the ultimate Easter egg for any coffee lover. Chocolate AND Espresso Martini in one!

“Get your hands on our delicious Caramel and Coffee Flavored Milk Chocolate Egg with a box of Marksologist Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Cocktail – a match made in heaven!”

“Collect yours (or another caffeine lover’s) from M&S – Bolton Middlebrook today!”

Excited fans shared the post with family and friends, while others praised the delicious creation with likes.

M&S has a wide range of fancy Easter eggs, from pink Himalayan sea salt flakes to a hazelnut egg made with piedmont paste, chopped hazelnuts and pistachios.

A 72 percent dark chocolate treat is also up for grabs, complete with dark chocolate truffles.

For a taste of luxury, shoppers could also opt for a creamy Belgian milk chocolate egg and Champagne truffles.

Irish supermarket chain sells Cadbury bargains at ‘less than half price’ as shoppers rush to fill trolleys

If you’re shopping for kids, the supermarket giant also offers Choccy Rocky Road eggs – and each one has a cute chocolate bunny inside.


It comes as a major supermarket slashed the price of its Easter eggs with deals starting from £2.

Sainsbury’s has slashed the price of some of its large Easter eggs to just £2 for all Nectar card holders in the run-up to the holidays.

The best deals on delicious branded eggs available include:

  • Cadbury Mini Eggs Large Shell Egg 193g – now £2 (£3.25 without nectar)
  • Smarties Large Egg 188g – now £2 (£3.25 without nectar)
  • Celebrations Large Egg, 220g – now £2 (£3.25 without nectar)
  • Large Galaxy Minstrels Egg, 234g – now £2 (£3.25 without nectar)
  • Maltesers Large Egg, 200g – now £2 (£3.25 without nectar)

Meanwhile, a range of chocolate Easter gifts at Asda have been reduced to 60p from the original prices of £1.25 and £1.50.

Some of the treats included in the offer are: Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo 96g, Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Chocolate Easter Egg 98g, Cadbury Mini Eggs 97g, Maltesers Milk Chocolate Medium Easter Egg 127g and Cadbury White Buttons Egg 98g.

The Milkybar White Chocolate Egg 65g, Bluey Easter Egg and Milk Chocolate Bar 62g and Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles 86g have also been reduced to 60p.

Shoppers can only buy the cheapest eggs in store, most of which are hollow and contain smaller treats, such as mini eggs, Freddo heads and Caramel Nibbles.

The Sun this week also compiled a list of the cheapest places to buy Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs.


Fans also went wild for the new “lush” hot cross buns with a touch of heavenly chocolate.

Aldi shoppers hailed the Easter-themed treat as packs flew off the shelves and sold out quickly.

Nutoka Hot Cross Buns were inspired by the iconic Nutella hazelnut spread.

In Aldi’s specially selected range there are also Banoffee Hot Rolls and White Chocolate Raspberry Hot Rolls.

And if Biscoff is your thing, you will also enjoy their caramelized biscuit flavored pack.

Elsewhere, Aldi customers were rushing to get their hands on delicious chocolates that were duping luxury brand Lindt.

The supermarket giant is selling “magnificent” milk chocolate eggs filled with truffles, a perfect Easter treat.

The cheapest place to buy Cadbury Easter eggs this week

  • Tesco has reduced the cost of 22 of its very large Easter eggs, including a number of Cadbury varieties.
  • Morrisons has also reduced the price of a number of its larger Cadbury Easter eggs to £3.50.
  • Ocado is offering a two for £5 deal on a number of Cadbury varieties, including Crunchie, Creme Egg and Twirl flavors.
  • Meanwhile, Asda is offering a four for £10 deal on the same three eggs and several more.
They were put on shelves at a Bolton Middlebrook branch


They were put on shelves at a Bolton Middlebrook branchCredit: Facebook

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