New ice creams for summer 2024

Good things come in threesBuilding on the success of the Peace Pop series globally and the growing demand for domestic consumption, Ben & Jerry’s Israel introduces new three-packs of premium ice cream bars. The first flavor, Cookie Dough, features a cookie dough core in a rich vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream, all coated in chocolate.

The second flavor is the Salted Caramel Brownie, with a brownie core in rich vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, coated in salted caramel. Recommended retail price: 25 NIS.

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Extreme LemonNestlé Ice Cream strengthens its EXTREME brand with a special edition inspired by the trendy lemon tart dessert, launching Extreme Lemon Pie and White Chocolate in collaboration with content creator Maya Wertheimer.

The new cone features lemon pie flavored ice cream, topped with a white chocolate coin, buttery cookie crumbs and a lemon syrup core. Unit price: NIS 6.70-14.

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Fruit coneAfter last year’s successful launch, La Frutta Squeeze opens the season with a new flavor: La Frutta Squeeze Apple Pear. This innovative cone, from the La Frutta Wellness series, broadens its target audience to include children.

The cone offers a convenient grip and pleasant drinking experience, with refreshing flavors of apple and pear with 50% fruit and only 64 calories per unit. Unit price: NIS 3.30-10.00.

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Family PacksIn the family pack category, Nestlé Ice Cream presents three new packs: Mini Crunch Pecan & Maple with pecan ice cream, maple ripple and milk chocolate coating with rice chips and caramelized pecan pieces.

The second is Extreme Pretzel cones with pretzel and white chocolate ice cream and pretzel spread.

The third is Mini Crunch packs with cornflake milk ice cream, white chocolate coating, rice chips and cornflake crumbs. Price range per package: 20-40 NIS.

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Krembo’s wingsNestlé Ice Cream presents a limited edition created as part of a unique collaboration with the youth movement “Wings of Krembo” for young people with and without special needs.

The grape ice cream bar, colored blue and white, features packaging designed with movement activists to promote and raise awareness of Wings of Krembo’s beneficial activities and encourage young people to join the organization.

A portion of the profits from the ice cream bar will be donated by Nestlé Ice Cream to support the movement’s ongoing activities. Unit price: NIS 4.40-11.

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A feeling of euphoriaThe premium brand MAGNUM from Strauss Ice Cream surprises with a double launch of international innovation: the first is Magnum Double Euphoria – Lemon and Raspberry with four invigorating layers for a euphoric sensation: rich lemon ice cream surrounding a core of refreshing raspberry sorbet, coated with berry cream. and white chocolate, combined with popping candies and raspberry-flavored sugar crumbs.

The second is Magnum Double Chill – Blueberries with four layers of deliciousness and calm: a unique blueberry sorbet core in vanilla ice cream, coated in cocoa cream and dipped in a chocolate shell with cookie crumbs. Price range per Magnum unit: 8-11 NIS.

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A twist in the plotStrauss Ice Cream launches global brand TWISTER in Israel, after becoming one of the most famous ice cream brands in the world thanks to its unique concept offering a fun dining experience that combines diverse and vibrant flavors, fruity colors and fun playful thanks to its spiral stick format with surprising combined flavor cores.

In Israel, three flavors will be sold: ISLAND – lemon-lime flavor, with a strawberry core and pineapple sorbet (pareve), also available in a pack of 8 mini units. FOREST – berry flavor, lemon core and vanilla (dairy) and OCEAN – banana core, tutti-frutti, cherry and vanilla (dairy). Price range per Twister unit: 5 to 7 shekels, price range per Twister pack: 17 to 21 NIS.

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Not just for vegansAround 35% of the Israeli population consumes dairy alternatives. Data shows a growing number of “reducers” who, while not strictly vegan, are incorporating various dairy substitutes into their routine.

The LELO ice cream series, which carries the VEGAN FRIENDLY seal, recently launched a luxurious Rum and Chocolate flavor, a refined blend of creamy rum, rich chocolate and almond pieces. LELO represents innovation in the world of dairy substitutes. Price range for 520 grams: 19-35 NIS.

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Refreshing and worthyAnother refreshing announcement from Strauss’ SOLERO brand is a pineapple vanilla sorbet ice cream bar that combines the creaminess of vanilla with the fruitiness of pineapple: vanilla sorbet with a ripple and a coating containing pineapple, adding to its low calorie count of just 88 calories. per unit for a refreshing and worthy treat.

Solero Vanilla Pineapple joins the family of brands that includes Solero Vanilla Strawberry and Solero Vanilla Tropical Fruits. Available in individual ice cream bars and in mini packs of 5 units. Price range for a single ice cream bar: 4-14 NIS. Price range for a pack of 5 units: 16-33 NIS.

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ALL GOODThe Goodiz brand, also from Strauss, is launching the next big thing for the first time: Goodiz Fruit packs containing strawberry and peach sorbet with 20% fruit, and a pack containing tropical fruit sorbet and pineapple lime sorbet with 20% fruit. % fruity ingredients.

The new sorbets feature a rich texture thanks to the fruit, no added sugar, certified by the Israeli Diabetes Association (IEL), reduced in calories and, for the first time in the Goodiz pack series, also pareve. Price range for a Goodiz pack: 28-35 NIS.

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Low-calorie indulgenceFeldman is expanding its Wellness Gildal series by launching Gildal 99 calories in three flavors: Blonde Chocolate Covered Vanilla, White Chocolate Covered Vanilla with Pistachio, and Dark Chocolate Covered Vanilla. The new ice cream bars join last year’s Gildal cone, also with just 99 calories.

The company identifies strong demand for products that are low in calories but with decadent, indulgent flavors that can enhance the end of any meal. Feldman, the leader in the health ice cream category in Israel, offers innovative products and a wide variety of low-calorie products without compromising on the exceptional taste experience of ice cream.

The series includes: Gildal ice cream bar with vanilla flavor and blond chocolate – vanilla flavor dairy ice cream with caramelized white chocolate.

Gildal vanilla ice cream bar with white chocolate pistachio flavor – vanilla flavor dairy ice cream with white chocolate pistachio flavor.

Gildal Vanilla Ice Cream Bar with Dark Chocolate – vanilla and dark chocolate dairy ice cream.

Gildal Cornet with chocolate flavor – low-calorie milk ice cream with chocolate flavor, with a waffle cone, without added sugar.

Prices of the products of the series indicated on the sites: Pack of Gildal ice cream bars of 5 units NIS 25-30 | Pack of Gildal cones of 5 units NIS 30-37. Available at Feldman stores, a wide variety of private stores, convenience stores, convenience stores and select retail chains nationwide.

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Chain innovationsIce cream chain GOLDA is introducing two new indulgent flavors for summer: Pistachio Creme Brulee Ice Cream and Berry Butter Crumble Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Price: Basic scoop – 20 NIS, half a kilo of ice cream: 66 NIS, a kilo of ice cream: 110 NIS. Available in all GOLDA branches nationwide, on the GOLDA app and at delivery sites.

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Do it yourselfMax Stock is ready with a hot summer collection for the season, and among the items we found a mold to make 6 ice pops that will allow you to enjoy and refresh yourself with homemade ice pops to your personal taste.

In addition, it will serve you to spend quality time with the children in a common summer activity of making ice cream as they wish. Price: NIS 5.90 per unit. Available at Max Stock locations nationwide.

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