New Long Island bubble tea spots with street food, too

Sure, bubble tea can do well as a dessert or a midday pick-me-up, but have you ever paired it with egg waffles, cake in a jar, or chocolate covered bananas?

As part of the boba phenomenon, which stems from Taiwanese culture, more stores on Long Island are adding grub to their lineup, similar to street food, such as egg waffles on the menu at Tsao Cha in East Northport. At Tandy’s Bubbles in Manorville, co-owner Hector Vasquez adds a Latin twist to his offerings by putting horchata and mangonadas on the menu.

Here are some new spots that bring milk and fruit tea drinks to the island with a bit of spice.

Tandy’s bubbles

60 County Road 111, Manorville

At this bubble-gum pink boutique owned by husband and wife Hector and Claudia Vasquez, customers can get their share of fruit, milk and coffee bubble tea drinks with a side of chocolate-covered bananas or watermelon served on a stick and topped with embellishments like sprinkles, coconut flakes, and peanuts. Macarons, homemade cake pops and refreshments like the mangonada, which combines mangoes (juice, jam, fresh and frozen), spices and ice cream, and horchata, a drink made from white rice also complete the menu. This spot features an artificial garden wall with a “But First Bubbles” sign, as well as benches with fluffy decorative pillows. More info: 631-909-2103,

A chocolate covered banana with sprinkles at Tandy’s Bubbles in Manorville. Credit: Hector Geovani

Yaaas Tea

694 Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge

Fresh boba on time is what you’ll get at this mini chalet, says co-founder Kelly Zhou, but the menu here goes beyond the Taiwanese drink. The menu dives into food with sweet additions from its home bakery line that includes cake jars (tiramisu and Oreo and Nutella); cookie jars (coconut and white chocolate chips); and cream puffs (cookies and cream and matcha). The store, which opened in September, along with its Huntington and Farmingdale locations, follow a cash- and a cashier-less model (customers place their orders at kiosks). Keep an eye out for her Iced Salted Caramel Raw Coconut Latte, coming out in June. More information: 631-318-3333,

Yaaas Tea in Hauppauge offers bubble tea and a bakery...

Yaaas Tea in Hauppauge offers bubble tea and a range of pastries like cake and cookie cars and cream puffs.
Credit: Yaaas Tea

Tsao Cha

1964 Jericho Tpke., East Northport

Located inside Wayback Burgers in Elwood Mall, Tsao Cha pairs boba drinks with egg waffles. The familiar fruit- and milk-based teas are on the menu, along with non-alcoholic fruit mojitos (with club soda, lime, mint and syrup); yogurt slushies and milk swirls (caffeine-free milk-based drinks). Egg waffles are made to order and infused with flavors such as Oreo, matcha red bean, seaweed pork and red velvet. Hot on the griddle, they are folded, served in a cup and intended to be eaten without utensils. The chain’s first Long Island location, opened in Great Neck last summer, offers additional food items including pineapple pie, ice cream and Taiwanese street food like shaved ice , served with toppings (think matcha, fresh fruit, red beans, boba). More info: 631-864-5556,

Tsao Cha in East Northport serves egg waffles with...

Tsao Cha in East Northport serves egg waffles in flavors like Oreo and matcha with its line of drinks. 1 credit

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