Nigeria’s backwardness is an advantage, says Dr. Louisa Nicola » YNaija

Slow and steady, he is winning the race and in this case, Nigeria is ahead of the United States of America in terms of hunting and organic food skills, thanks to Dr. Louisa Nicola.

Nigeria, the largest economy on the African continent and the country with the largest black population, has been reduced to nothing more than an Amazon rainforest by Louisa Nicola, a neurophysiology and human performance coach.

In a podcast with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Louisa destroys Nigeria and all its development so far, calling us hunters as we seek to survive and lack technological growth.

As a guest host of the podcast, Louisa says nothing, opening her mouth without doing the necessary research before speaking. Here we would call it a “fly of the wagon”.

According to her, Nigerians hardly face Alzheimer’s disease because we are immune to the disease due to our nature and environment.

The white woman collectively paints Nigeria as a bush, where we tie an animal skin cloth around our waist and enter the jungle with spears and our war cries.

“Nigerians don’t get Alzheimer’s disease, why?” Because you have seen their way of life, they work, they hunt. They are not in front of a computer all day; they are not stressed,” she says.

According to the American doctor whose knowledge and degree we question (a high school student would do better research than her) praised the great African giant (no, we are not talking about Odogwu) to raise strong, resilient citizens who do not succumb to Alzheimer’s disease.

As Afrobeats expands beyond African media and into Western media, now might be a good time to introduce Dr. Louisa Nicola to semo and fufu, which have kept us healthy for 100 years.

We cannot introduce white men to eating amala unless we want them to think we are real farmers. If you eat amala (lateral eye) we judge you.

With Dr. Louisa Nicola saying that we eat food from the ground and with our hands, one thing is certain: we will continue to beat Alzheimer’s because we know that fufu, eba and semo will stay strong for another 100 years. the nation should bow down and thank her for her research. See, we didn’t mention Amala? Change your habits if you don’t want to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Ladies and gentlemen, a victory is a victory, but ignorance is deadly. Finally, being backward has an advantage.

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