Original AeroPress Coffee Press Review

Coffee is an essential part of my morning ritual. A cup of coffee can make or break my day, so having a reliable device is important to me as a beginner home barista. The goal is to get perfect espresso without having to splurge on a heavy-duty commercial machine, and the AeroPress Original Coffee Press makes that possible. Whether you’re just starting your home brewing journey or are an expert coffee connoisseur, this product is a great introduction to perfecting home brewing.

I purchased my AeroPress in March 2020 while sitting in quarantine with a craving for an iced vanilla latte. Since then, I’ve gone from someone who would take any opportunity to buy an $8 latte to preferring drinks I make at home at a fraction of the price. This device allows me to make any drink I want, anytime, anywhere. With any espresso or ground coffee, this simple but effective product has been caffeinating me almost every morning for four years. While it’s not perfect, it certainly gets the job done for caffeine addicts on a budget.

The AeroPress Original Coffee Press is ideal for coffee lovers on the go, as it is portable, compact, lightweight and delivers fast brewing with a plunge system using 3-in-1 brewing technology.

I typically drink about three coffees a day, so this product has quickly become a necessity in my coffee routine. Here are some of the things that have stood out to me the most while using the AeroPress over the past four years.

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My favorite thing about the AeroPress is the fact that you can add any type of coffee grounds you want. This allows for a lot of creativity and flavor that you can get out of this little gadget. Depending on the grind size (AeroPress recommends a consistency between a drip coffee grind and an espresso grind), you can really change the type of coffee you make with the AeroPress. A fine grind and a quick dip can get you closer to the bold flavor of espresso, while a thicker grind tastes more like a concentrated French press.

Typically I use Lavazza Espresso ground coffee, which produces a very smooth and aromatic flavor with the AeroPress. The espresso shot produced has the same bold flavor profile as when I used this grounds with more robust machines like the Breville Bambino Plus ($500). Since you can play around with grind size and brew time a little more than other coffee makers, the AeroPress allows you to easily adapt your brewing experience to all the different coffees you drink. But no matter the beans or grind size, you’re sure to get a cup that tastes much better than a standard drip machine or single-serve coffee maker.

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Another reason I love the AeroPress is how quickly you can make perfect espresso. Like most people, my mornings are busy, so I don’t want to wait for my coffee when I’m late for work. Luckily, the AeroPress can brew a hot cup in less than a minute. When I timed the preparation of a single espresso, my drink was prepared in an incredibly fast time of 38 seconds.

This is the time it takes to fill the chamber with my ground coffee using the rounded spoon, mixing it with the stirrer, and pressing it through the filter cap with the plunger. This process can be modified to brew as much espresso as needed at the same rate using the numbered markers on the chamber. Just add two scoops instead of one and you’ll have the perfect double shot in a snap. And if you don’t want to drink the espresso straight, just add hot water to mimic a normal cup of coffee.

But what about iced coffee? Gone are the days of waiting for your cold brew overnight as the AeroPress can successfully brew a delicious cold brew using room temperature water in about a minute. Whether you want cold or hot coffee and need a super-fast coffee maker that doesn’t skimp on quality, the AeroPress is definitely for you.

Devices like the Aeropress can be intimidating if you’ve never tried brewing coffee manually. However, this product is extremely beginner-friendly. The instructions provided in the packaging are very comprehensive, including visual aids as well as a list of different steps for various coffee recipes. The mechanism itself is just a basic filtration system activated by pressing the plunger onto the ground. Even its assembly and disassembly can be done quickly by following the instructions or even just looking at the picture on the box.

Additionally, you can use the AeroPress in several ways. The brand recommends using it similar to a pour-over, where you place half of the AeroPress that contains the grounds and filter right above your cup, then slowly pour your water (AeroPress has an animation clever here). On the other hand, some people prefer to use it more like a French press, where the grounds stay in the water to steep longer, then the whole contraption is flipped before dipping (Starbucks has a video of instructions here).

We’ve tried both methods, and the pour-over technique definitely produces a lighter, less saturated flavor while remaining concentrated. However, if you like a fuller-bodied, bold-tasting coffee, the French press method is for you.

As someone who loves to travel, this product is a must-have whenever I’m on the go. Last summer I took a five-week trip to Spain and took my AeroPress with me. Thanks to its portability, I took it with me on the bus, to the airport, and to every hotel and hostel I stayed in during my travels around the country. The components are extremely lightweight and compact, making it easy to throw in any bag, and the coffee maker as a whole takes up less space than most water bottles, so there’s really no reason to leave it behind. This way, as long as you have access to hot water, you can prepare delicious infusions.

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Cleaning coffee makers can be a real hassle. Wet grounds and soggy filters can leave a mess on their way to the trash, and washing a coffee maker by hand is just another chore to add to your to-do list. That’s why one of my favorite features of the AeroPress is how incredibly easy it is to clean.

Once you’ve finished brewing and taken a sip of your coffee, the AeroPress can be cleaned in about 10 seconds. Simply remove the filter cap and push the plunger to release the filter and a perfectly compressed puck of ground coffee straight into the trash can. It’s not only mess-free, but once the coffee puck is thrown away, the AeroPress itself only needs a quick rinse to stay clean. After a few uses, you’ll want to wash the AeroPress with soap to clean off all the oils and residue, but luckily it’s dishwasher safe (provided it’s on the top rack).

Despite everything I love about AeroPress, there are still some things I miss.

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Since the AeroPress is so small and can only brew small amounts of coffee, it works best when you’re only brewing coffee for yourself. Even though brewing a cup only takes a minute, having to do it over and over again for your guests can quickly become tedious. If you find yourself making coffee for more than one person, but still want a better cup than a traditional coffee machine, take a look at our favorite French presses and pour-overs.

Filters are a necessary component of the AeroPress and, unfortunately, they are not reusable. The device comes with 100 paper filters when purchased, but you will then need to repurchase them to use the product as intended. It’s an additional cost, but most coffee makers (except French presses and espresso machines) require paper filters, and those for the AeroPress are reasonably priced – a 700-pack of AeroPress filters on Amazon is only $15.

The AeroPress combines the idea of ​​a French press and a pour-over to create a customizable, user-friendly coffee maker. We love it for its balance of ease, cost, and the ability to make a delicious cup of coffee. But if a cheap coffee maker that brews a flavorful cup in less than a minute isn’t your thing, there are tons of other coffee makers on the market, quick and easy single-serve machines for busy mornings at the machines espresso maker that can prepare lattes. rival any coffee shop.

We’ve tested what seems like every coffee maker in the world, so no matter what you’re looking for, we have a choice for you. For a standard drip machine, we love the Braun Brew Sense ($130) or the luxurious Technivorm Moccamaster ($359) if you have the extra cash. French presses are just as easy to use and inexpensive as the AeroPress, although they are significantly more difficult to clean. And coffee lovers will definitely want to check out our recommendations for the best espresso machines and pour-overs.

If you want a single-serve coffee maker that’s fast, portable, easy to use, and economical, look no further than the Original AeroPress Coffee Press. If you have no problem repurchasing filters or need to serve multiple people at once, for just $40, this product is definitely a must-have if you identify as a heavy coffee drinker in the market for a new home brewing appliance.

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