Oswego County Child and Adult Care Food Program Promotes Healthy Eating

OSWEGO COUNTY – Integrated Community Planning of Oswego County (ICPOC) joins other sponsoring organizations across the country in recognizing National Child and Adult Feeding Program (CACFP) Week, from Sunday March 10 to Saturday March 16. and adult healthcare providers in promoting healthy eating.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides nutritional information and partial financial reimbursement to participating child care providers and after-school programs to serve healthy meals and snacks to children and adults in their care . It also supports children living in emergency shelters and adults aged 60 and over living with disabilities and enrolled in a participating daycare.

The federal program contributes to the growth, development and general well-being of young children and adults. This in turn benefits communities by keeping children healthy, supporting local healthcare providers, and strengthening working families.

Children in participating health centers benefit from healthier meals and snacks that help them form positive eating habits that they can maintain throughout their lives. In addition to promoting nutrition education in early childhood, CACFP also plays a vital role in reducing food insecurity.

CACFP also improves the quality of child care by providing providers with both nutrition education and financial support through sponsoring organizations. This helps them serve more nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and milk to those in their care.

Working parents can rest assured that their children are getting the nutrient-dense meals and snacks they need to be healthy through CACFP. With good nutrition, their children are less likely to suffer from illness and fatigue and will develop at a normal physical and intellectual rate.

Nationwide, CACFP provides more than 1.8 billion meals and snacks each day to more than 4.7 million children in child care, family day care and after-school programs, and to more than 114,000 adults in adult daycares.

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state agencies, 800 sponsoring organizations work with 138,000 child care and family care homes to provide high-quality nutrition and education through CACFP.

ICPOC is a sponsoring organization of the National CACFP Association of Oswego County. Its staff works with local care providers to process requests and provide resources.

To get started or learn more, contact Connor Genzel at 315-343-2344 ext. 23.112 or (email protected) or visit www.cacfp.org.

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