“Perfect Diabetes-Heart Attack”: A Multi-Layer Dessert Shocks the Internet

Who doesn’t love a chocolate shake filled with various sweet treats? We all love toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles, vanilla syrup and more. But what if the person making your shake just keeps adding ingredients, turning it into a delicious, multi-layered dessert? Naturally, any food lover would be both happy and amazed. This exact scenario happened to a user on X (formerly known as Twitter). They shared a video of the dessert on the microblogging platform, and the internet flooded the comments section with reactions about the extreme sugar content.

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In the video, we can see the cook start by covering the sides of a glass with whipped cream before rolling it on chocolate chips. Then he fills the glass with what appears to be a chocolate shake. Then he adds two chocolate waffles to the side of the glass, topping them with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and vanilla sauce. He then places four mini pancakes on top of the waffles, topped with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and vanilla sauce.

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But it does not stop there. Next, the man adds a chocolate cupcake to the dessert, followed by an injection filled with chocolate syrup placed on top. Next, a mini pot of Nutella, a few scoops of Ferrero Rocher and a generous amount of whipped cream are added. Finally, he finishes by emptying the chocolate syrup-filled injection onto the sweet dish, completing the extravagant creation.

“I was waiting for him to stop but he never did,” we can read in the text attached to the video.

After watching the video, people started commenting on the excessive use of sugary ingredients.

One user wrote: “3 days later and he’s still adding ingredients to his sugar potion. »

Another user added: “If diabetes could take physical form, this is what it would look like. Imagine how many calories that contains.

“Too much sugar, I see that and it turns my stomach,” one comment read.

Someone said, “Look, I love sweets, but this is too much. »

A few echoed: “I call it perfect for diabetes heart attacks. »

Have you ever tried this type of treat?

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