Quirky Shrewsbury cafe announces closure with electricity bills doubling the last straw

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Nerdy Coffee Co in Mardol, Shrewsbury also had problems when the river flooded the water entering its cellar.

But in a statement on its Facebook page, the store announced its sad news to its army of followers.

“Hey, Nerds! Today we have sad news,” a spokesperson posted on social media.

“It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that our home Nerdy Coffee Co. will be closing and going out of business in the near future.”

They say the reason is that the current economic climate and trading conditions have made it increasingly impossible for a local business like theirs to survive.

“This was underscored this week when we announced that our energy bill would more than double in the future.”

They have been trying to find a way to keep the ‘train going’ but the deficit is too big and they have ‘made the incredibly difficult decision to close’.

They add that they survived floods, global pandemics, and apocalyptic weather, but a simple electricity bill spelled their end.

“Given our run-ins with the River Severn, global pandemics, apocalyptic weather, and everything the world has thrown at us, it seems somewhat disappointing that something as simple as an electricity bill marks the end for us, but here we are. That’s the reality of the world we live in,” the spokesperson said.

The situation took its toll with “the stress and mental pressure of the situation” becoming increasingly difficult to handle.

“We have reached a point where we cannot safely maintain the current situation, so the difficult decision has been made to start slowing things down.

“The decision to close was not taken lightly, we looked at fundraising options, we looked at other possible solutions, and we know you will want to help, but ultimately we are at a point where the only option is to close.”

The cafe has yet to announce a final closing date, but says time is “extremely limited”.

They appealed for people to take advantage of the store while it was still here.

“During this time, we will need your help, support, and custom – so if you can, please come in, have a drink, hang out and enjoy Nerdy while we do it. we all still have,” they add.

“Second – Help us celebrate. Celebrate what Nerdy has meant to all of us over the past four years.

“Celebrate all the friendships we’ve helped build.

“Celebrate the communities we’ve created together. Celebrate the joy of spending time around a table with friends. Celebrate the new games you’ve learned. Celebrate the adventures you’ve had. Celebrate the important voices that have found a place to be listened to, to celebrate.

“When we first opened Nerdy we had a mission statement, to be a space and a place for everyone. We were so lucky to have been a place where friendships were forged, future partners and spouses met and people could forget anything trash was happening in the world for a little while and just play a few games we worked hard to be inclusive and support all the communities that we have used and I hope you have always felt welcome.

They say they will release information on expected closing dates as soon as they have a clearer picture of what is happening.

They add: ‘We humbly request that you refrain from sending any personal messages to management or staff through their social media pages at this time and wait for information from the official Nerdy pages.’

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