Robert De Niro says “cheese” while posing for photos, says Judd Apatow

Robert De Niro doesn’t need any help showing off his teeth when posing for photos!

The legendary 80-year-old actor says “cheese” when he has his photo taken, according to first-hand experience from Judd Apatow.

At Apatow’s Tribeca Film Festival panel with Matthew Broderick on Saturday, June 15, the 40 year old virgin The director remembers his first visit to Tribeca. In 2012, as Apatow, now 56, recalled, he was scheduled to appear with other notable names like Meryl Streep to celebrate a milestone at Universal Studios, but it turned out to be ultimately only him and De Niro.

“Now it’s the 100th anniversary of Universal Studios with Judd Apatow and Robert De Niro, which made for a very awkward Q&A because, you know, he’s talking about Mean streets. I’m talking about Steve Carell with an erection. It was really fun but really weird,” he recalls.

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There, he noticed something about De Niro: he said “cheese” before having his photo taken.

“And the whole time we’re taking pictures, he’s like, ‘Cheese!’ What is he doing,” he said. “The best actor in the history of the Earth must say ‘cheese’ to make you smile.”

Apatow then revealed that years later his wife Leslie Mann worked on a film with De Niro – the 2016 one. The comedian – when she mentioned the “cheese” ordealTaxi driver star. “And one day she said to him, you know, ‘My husband said that when he took pictures with you, you said ‘cheese’.”

“And he goes, ‘Yeah, I say cheese.’ “

Judd Apatow chats with Matthew Broderick at the Tribeca Festival on June 15, 2024.

Roy Rochlin/Getty

De Niro – who was also at Tribeca this year – met Billy Crystal after the screening of their 1999 film Analyze this on June 14, when he told moderator Gayle King how he hoped to have his “ideal” Father’s Day this weekend. De Niro is the father of seven children: Drena, 56, Raphael, 47, twins Julian and Aaron, 28, Elliot, 26, Helen, 12, and Gia, 14 months.

“I just like that we’re all together, you know,” says the Godfather Star II said at New York’s Indeed Theater at Spring Studios. “It’s ideal, having them all together (on) Father’s Day.”

Earlier this month, the actor said Today what it’s been like raising 14-month-old daughter Gia with girlfriend Tiffany Chen. “I always say it’s pure joy. That’s it,” De Niro said, adding that he thinks he’s an “OK” father.

When asked how he had changed as a father, he replied “ask the older ones.”

“Nothing is perfect in life, as we all know, and my older children, when they are older, they are more critical. When they are young like the baby, it is pure joy, so I ‘Enjoy it,’ he said. said.

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