Savoring Excellence: Culinary Delights at the Hangzhou Asian Games

BEIJING, September 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from China Daily.

The 19th Asian Games are around the corner and with the expected influx of foreign tourists, the city is gearing up to showcase its rich culinary heritage. In this episode of the “19th Asian Games”, a young generation Z from Thailand takes us on a journey to discover the delicious cuisine of Hangzhouwhich is also a representative of Chinese gastronomy.

The one in Hangzhou its culinary prowess is recognized worldwide, as it holds the prestigious title of ‘Global Food City’, awarded by the International Hotel and Restaurant Association, making it a gastronomic paradise for international visitors. Among its renowned dishes is Dongpo pork, a creation of the great ancient poet Su Dongpo, known for its mouth-watering aroma.

As the city prepares to welcome tourists, it is also working to provide premium meals to athletes participating in the Asian Games. The Asian Games Village Athletes’ Dining Hall is a mammoth facility spanning 8,400 square meters and seating more than 4,200. It meets the dietary needs of approximately 10,000 athletes and team officials.

To meet the diverse tastes, religious habits and lifestyles of athletes from different countries, the dining hall offers a wide range of cuisines, including fast food Chinese, East Asian, South Asian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, continental and western. With more than 400 dishes served daily, athletes embark on a culinary adventure.

Organizers also go the extra mile by providing special meals for athletes on their birthdays and for those who are not feeling well, ensuring athletes have a comfortable dining experience.

Additionally, food safety is a top priority, with rigorous testing of all food products brought into the Asian Games Village. This comprehensive food inspection ensures that athletes receive safe and healthy meals, free of any prohibited substances.

In conclusion, the 19th Asian Games promise not only exciting sports competitions but also a gastronomic journey for domestic and international athletes and tourists. With its diverse and carefully prepared cuisine, Hangzhou is ready to leave a lasting impression on all who visit during this major sporting event.

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