Scallop, Fennel and Apple Pasta is Perfect for Fall Fridays

If your fall season is like mine, making it to Friday feels like a weekly marathon. Surviving all the pickups, drop-offs, sporting events, mountains of endless laundry, homework help, team meals, chores, grocery lists, etc. requires a professional quality celebration on the weekend. Here’s a dish that packs a subtle punch of fall, feels like a fancy treat, but doesn’t take much time to prepare.

Fennel is said to have calming effects perfect for the end of a long week, and the nutmeg, walnuts, and toasted apples bring this dish down ever so lightly, while still being light enough to enjoy on a warm evening autumn with a delicious glass of unoaked wine. chardonnay.

If you’re trying to squeeze every drop of warm weather out of patio season before we’re forced to embrace fall and then winter, this dish is just the celebration to spoil your weekend recovery. Invite the neighbors, pour the wine and treat yourself to another week well done!

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