School feeding programs in India are thriving: 57 percent say they are effective in meeting children’s nutritional needs

The Breakfast Revolution, Akshaya Patra Foundation and Share Our Strength, working towards positive change in the child nutrition sector, announced the results of a survey conducted to better understand community perceptions on nutrition child in India and the extent of community awareness. and engagement in resolving child feeding issues.

According to the survey, a majority (76%) are aware of government programs providing free meals to children in schools and more than half of respondents (57%) believe that school feeding programs are effective in meeting to the nutritional needs of children. It is indeed heartening to note that 60% of those surveyed personally know a child who has benefited from programs providing meals to school children. When asked to describe what good nutrition is for children, 57% described it as “getting enough protein, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in meals for healthy growth.”

“The survey confirms our belief that addressing the child nutrition challenge requires the collective efforts of not only government agencies and nonprofit organizations, but also the broader community, including parents, schools, health professionals, among others. Community participation is crucial to improving the nutritional health and well-being of children. Although the survey indicates a significant gap in community participation, it highlights the urgent need to raise awareness of such initiatives within our communities, led by public and private organizations, thereby promoting increased engagement in volunteering efforts and fundraising,” said Dr. Pankaj Jethwani. , co-founder of The Breakfast Revolution.

To raise awareness and create more opportunities for participation, Share Our Strength is hosting an exclusive dinner to benefit the Akshaya Patra Foundation and The Breakfast Revolution. They have partnered with Bombay Club and EazyDiner to organize the event with the aim of raising INR 1 crore to provide daily breakfasts and midday meals to over 10,000 underprivileged school children in the next academic year . Share Our Strength has also committed to matching all event donations, doubling the impact.

The Bombay Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course championed the community and opened its doors to allow more people to witness the exquisite culinary experience curated by world-renowned chefs on March 17. “We need to make more people aware that charities like Akshaya Patra and The Breakfast Revolution are working with the government to feed children in schools and the different ways they can help with this noble cause. The Bombay Club is proud to be a partner of this unique dinner. We believe that no child should go to school on an empty stomach,” said Bombay Club partners. Sachin Pabreja, co-founder and CEO of EazyDiner also came forward to help raise awareness.’ “Our EazyDiner platform will fully support this great initiative of Share Our Strength. People will be able to easily register for the dinner and also benefit from many benefits available with our service. It is time that we create more opportunities for people can contribute through volunteering, fundraising and knowledge sharing. The event has received an excellent response so far, as well as substantial support from supporters and changemakers. commitment and unwavering positivity towards our future generation, children, who are the cornerstone of our society and our future economy.

The survey garnered over 2,500 responses from across India, with 75% in the 25-34 age group. About The Breakfast Revolution: The Breakfast Revolution (TBR) is the core program of Decimal Foundation, a registered non-profit charity (80G) in Mumbai. The core mission of TBR, founded in 2014, is to fight malnutrition among children in India. It is on an aggressive path to reach poor children in anganwadis, schools and low-income communities with high-quality, tasty, nutritious, cost-effective and safe breakfasts. The meal fills the gaps in the midday meal program by providing most of the child’s daily needs for vitamins, minerals and protein in one meal.

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