Shaved ice and healthy foods available at the High Desert Farmers Market

One thing local foodies learn while shopping at places like the High Desert Certified Farmers Markets in Victorville and Big Bear or the Hesperia Community Farmers Market is how many healthy foods are regularly available throughout the year. year.

Another lengthy lesson is learning to prepare meals that meet various dietary requirements, including food allergies, food sensitivities, taste preferences, or health concerns.

Other factors come into play as well. We may want to lose weight or feel better, but whatever the reason, food choices and menu options are just as important, and farmers markets can hold the answers to good food planning.

Foodies simply can’t go wrong visiting the markets, chatting with the vendors, and getting their suggestions regarding recipes and foods to buy.

Food sellers know their stuff ─ from the ingredients used to the serving suggestions ─ and those who sell what might be called “add-ins” like herbs, spices, toppings or dressings can offer you a wealth of options. ideas to help you create wonderful dishes to enhance your own menus.

Here are two HDFM sellers specializing in healthy treats and healthy foods for the whole family.

Luis Rincon offers samples and answers to questions about Vision Sprouts, a supplier that offers “sprouted” nuts and seeds, as well as nut and seed butters and more.

Super crushed ice

While most people think that shaved ice originated in Hawaii, this popular treat has two distinct histories: either a Chinese creation in the seventh century or a delicious Japanese creation a thousand years ago. Shaved ice arrived in Hawaii in the early 1900s.

Jay Jaime parks his colorful truck and sells USDA Certified Super Shaved Ice and Smart Snack.

The certifications are science-based “snack standards” for edible products sold in schools outside of school meal programs.

Jay’s career in the food industry began over a decade ago when he and his brother-in-law Joey created and sold Epic Donuts.

Their “crazy donuts,” a fair favorite, included customer-favorite donut pizzas, pulled pork, burgers and donut-shaped nachos.

Joey left to start his own business and Jay started selling funnel cakes. Then he noticed the popularity of shaved ice. Once launched, the success was instantaneous.

First selling from a canopy and now working from a colorful, totally high-tech truck, Jay is a favorite vendor at farmers markets, special events and many school activities.

In addition to offering 10 flavors of super shaved ice, including watermelon, sour apple and bubble gum, Jay sells cold drinks like whips, smoothies and root beer floats.

Super Shaved Ice is on Facebook and Instagram at

Contact Jay at or text 760-887-6866 for more information on booking parties or fundraisers. Jay’s second truck is almost ready and he’s looking into franchising his business. For more information contact us.

Luis Rincon offers samples and answers to questions about Vision Sprouts, a supplier that offers "germ" nuts and seeds as well as nut and seed butters and more.

Luis Rincon offers samples and answers to questions about Vision Sprouts, a supplier that offers “sprouted” nuts and seeds, as well as nut and seed butters and more.

Seed visions

Here’s another learning experience related to healthy eating. It involves soaking nuts and seeds in water.

Luis Rincon is a knowledgeable representative of Vision Sprouts, working for the company since 2016. Vision Sprouts has been at farmers markets since 2009.

On their own, nuts and seeds are wonderful snacks full of protein and fiber, ideal for vegans or vegetarians as well as anyone who enjoys a healthy, tasty and portable snack.

So where exactly are the sprouts?

Vision Sprouts takes nuts and seeds and increases their delectability by taking non-GMO varieties and soaking them in purified water – hence, “sprouting” them – then drying them. These steps improve their nutritional density and make them more digestible.

Luis explains the “sprouting process” as soaking them to remove nutrient blockers and improve absorption and digestion.

It offers samples of various nuts ─ walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, to name a few ─ and seeds ─ pumpkin and sunflower. Other items available at Vision Sprouts include nut butters, seed butters and Himalayan pink salt.

Vision Sprouts sells nuts and seeds in half-pound and one-pound bags.

For more information, contact Vision Sprouts on Facebook and Instagram. Message them for questions, bulk orders or gift items.

When you go

High Desert Farmers Market: 18244 Bear Valley Road, VVC Lower Campus, 760-247-3769, Every Thursday, rain or shine, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Big Bear Farmers Market: 42900 Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear. Every Tuesday from April to September, from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Information:

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