Starfield pilot made with complex ships builds a giant slice of cheese

Published: 2023-09-19T15:17:45

Update: 2023-09-19T15:18:01

Starfield offers players a ton of options to customize their ship and get creative with the different customization options. However, one player who didn’t want to spend hours on a ship decided to settle for a big slice of space cheese.

It didn’t take long for Starfield players to learn the game’s complex ship building systems and channel their creativity into creating their ideal ship.

Some prioritize building the best ship possible, while others have taken to remaking classic ships from other sci-fi media. The players have been busy.

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However, one player who saw all these creative designs and complex ships decided that, although he was jealous of those with large, fancy ships, he just wanted to build a giant slice of space cheese.

Disgruntled Starfield Pilot Builds Giant Space Cheese

While Starfield has a multitude of systems that allow players to build their own spaceships and take them across the galaxy, there’s definitely a learning curve. Being able to create exactly what you want takes a lot of time and practice.

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So, one player decided he didn’t want to go through all that. Although they were jealous of others with their spaceship recreations and top-notch builds that could survive any situation in style, they didn’t want to spend hours putting a ship together.

So they built a giant slice of space cheese and attached rockets to it.

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Reddit user new2gym posted a simple post, showing off their giant space wedge, as they called it, but most people who saw that post just thought it looked like a slice of cheese.

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“Make it yellow and name it the Big Cheese.” » suggested one Redditor.

With a terrible mobility rating of 24 and a maximum snail speed of around 130, this ship certainly won’t break any speed records. However, it feels more like the ship was intended to make a statement.

The beauty of a shipbuilding system like Starfield’s is that players can express themselves however they want. Some spend hours building the best ships possible, and others build a giant space cheese.

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And, while this user’s massive spaceship may not be the most complex ship ever built, it comes up short on creativity considering how much players loved its build.

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