Stuffed dinner rolls are a twist on David Chang’s favorite childhood dish

As Thanksgiving approaches, you might be trying to put together the perfect menu. You have turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, and there might even be a green vegetable or two. You’re ready for the big day, but what about the next day? Some would say that Thanksgiving leftovers are almost as important as the holiday itself. In fact, more than 70% of Americans plan their Thanksgiving with the sole intention of having leftovers the next day (via SWNS Digital). But what foods will actually stay?

Will there be enough turkey for that perfect sandwich? What about all those extra greens and potatoes? While it was possible to simply recreate last night’s dinner, David Chang told us in an exclusive interview that he likes to “do something different with the leftovers, other than the sandwich and other than making soup.” turkey or turkey pot pie.” Instead, he prefers to make turkey noodles or a crispy Thanksgiving roll-up.

While both make great leftover options, roll-ups are the perfect game day appetizer, which works perfectly since there’s also a football game scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving this year – a match where Chang will work with Thursday. The night shift to bring you these tasty treats. Whether it’s just you and your family or a house full of people watching the big game, these little roll-ups will satisfy even the most demanding guests. But it wasn’t the ease of snacking that got Chang’s idea — he explained that he took inspiration from one of his childhood Thanksgiving favorites.

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These stuffing rolls scratch a nostalgic itch

Plate of turkey rolls with sauce – Jennifer Richmond/Tasting table

“My Thanksgivings growing up were the best because it was literally a smorgasbord of the most delicious things,” David Chang told us. “But of all the delicious things… what we all universally loved were these shrimp rolls.” Although he was never sure what his mother put in each bun besides shrimp, celery and mayonnaise, he knew he loved them and wanted to create something that “scratched that nostalgia itch.” .

He could have just recreated his shrimp rolls, but Chang thought Thanksgiving leftovers would be the perfect substitute since those leftovers are really only good for an extra day or two. For this he had to think about the dishes that are usually left behind. “The stuffing is eaten almost immediately, and by far, because it’s always the winner,” he explained. “It’s usually the sautéed green or whatever you have that’s a vegetable, it’s not a root vegetable, and mashed potatoes, because for some reason people don’t like leftover mashed potatoes. I don’t make shepherd’s pie, as much as I love it,” he added emphatically.

He likes these rolls because they are “a little different.” Although he wishes the rolls were bigger and could fit more stuff inside, he said there’s no need to stick to mashed potatoes and greens like him. “You could put turkey in it, you could put ham in it, you could put anything in it, even sweet stuff.”

You can watch Chef Chang share his recipe for these crispy Thanksgiving roll-ups on Prime Video on Black Friday when the New York Jets take on the Miami Dolphins.

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