Supplements aren’t just for humans: they can help dogs, too

Dogs can benefit from supplements that support key health functions, from digestion to aging and everything in between.

Every dog ​​deserves to feel their best, but like humans, they all have unique needs. Regular visits to the vet, proper diet and exercise can help, but sometimes our canine friends need a little extra support on top of their normal diet.

That’s where EverRoot dog supplements, powered by Purina, come in: Developed by the animal nutrition experts at Purina, EverRoot dog supplements come in multiple forms, covering a variety of key areas of health benefits . This helps pet parents further personalize their dog’s supplementation plan to meet their unique needs and preferences.

With a focus on natural, organic ingredients and a commitment to traceable sourcing, EverRoot sets itself apart by ensuring its dog supplements contain everything your dog needs, without what they don’t. don’t need it.

To help dogs get the personalized nutrition they need, the brand has teamed up with elite athlete and health enthusiast Laila Ali to launch EverRoot’s new line of soft chew supplements for dogs. As a fitness expert, Ali believes in extending the same care she takes for her own health to her beloved pups, Malibu and Buddy.

Caption: World-class athlete Laila Ali's two dogs, Buddy and Malibu, benefit from EverRoot's dog supplements.

“I want them to be around for the long haul, so it feels good to know I’m giving my dogs the best chance to look and feel their best with delicious, soft treats they love,” Ali said , who is the daughter of the late great professional boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali.

To her credit, Ali is an undefeated four-time world boxing champion, CEO of the Laila Ali Lifestyle brand, and an avid dog lover. Inspired by her love for animals, she collaborated with EverRoot to introduce EverRoot Soft Chews. At home, these chews allow Ali to care for her own dogs based on their unique needs and preferences; she gives Buddy the EverRoot Soft Chew for Hip and Joint Support and the EverRoot Multi-Benefit Soft Chew in Malibu.

However, pet owners don’t have to be sporting heroes like Ali to provide world-class care for their pets. Thanks to EverRoot, meeting a dog’s unique wellness needs just got a whole lot easier.

Finding the right ingredients is key

With over a century of experience, Purina and its scientists are trusted experts in animal nutrition. They understand that all dogs are different, and that’s why EverRoot Soft Chews are formulated to meet their needs.

EverRoot is proud to help dogs on their personal health journey. To do this, the brand has committed to sourcing and traceability practices. Every ingredient in EverRoot dog supplements has a purpose, a reason for being there.

EverRoot sources high-quality ingredients from around the world to make supplements that allow owners to customize their dog's diet.

In creating supplements, they traveled the world in search of organic ingredients, such as soothing chamomile and coconut from Sri Lanka, and sourced oils from wild Alaskan salmon and cod from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Using high-quality ingredients produces equally significant benefits. As an example, the chamomile that EverRoot uses in its supplement can help calm nervous pups. Likewise, organic coconut and fish support a dog’s overall well-being, from joint health, skin and coat health to mental alertness.

They’ve also harnessed unexpected ingredients, like green mussels harvested from New Zealand’s pristine waters, to support heart health.

Since ancient times, safflower oil has been a popular skin remedy and remains effective in supporting sensitive skin today. EverRoot also sourced Montmorency cherries for their organic tart cherry powder to support cognitive function and mental alertness.

These are just a few examples of carefully selected ingredients that ensure dogs get the best nutrition in a form they’ll love.

EverRoot Soft Chews appeal to dogs who prefer a meaty texture.

Health benefits and a taste dogs love

EverRoot’s dog supplements cover a wide range of health benefits and natural dog-friendly ingredients, including:

  • Multi-advantages: Boosts immunity with spirulina, containing pumpkin and cod liver oil for digestion and skin health.
  • Hip joint: Relieves stiffness from exercise and normal daily activity with green-lipped mussels and omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil and cod oil.
  • Skin and coat: Ideal for sensitive skin, enriched with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids from cod liver and safflower oil.
  • Calming: Natural chamomile for dogs suffering from nervousness, hyperactivity or environmentally induced stress.
  • Digestion: Pumpkin and probiotics help reduce occasional loose stools due to stress or dietary changes.

Dr Annie Valuska, who has a PhD in animal behavior and works as a senior pet behavior and welfare scientist at Purina, emphasizes the importance of understanding what dogs value.

Based on their knowledge of dogs and their targeted needs, EverRoot’s supplements come in a variety of forms, from oils that can be mixed directly into their regular pet food to chewable tablets. Their new offering, soft chew supplements, makes it even easier to personalize a puppy’s diet.

“You may notice that your dog prefers soft, meaty treats over crunchy biscuits,” Valuska said. “That’s why I’m so happy that EverRoot is giving dog owners more options through the soft chew supplement form. This is another great way to personalize your dog’s supplement plan based on their specific tastes.

EverRoot Soft Chews are available at select retailers and online via EverRoot website.

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