ThaiBev commits to developing the circular economy in Vietnam

ThaiBev participated on November 16 in the Vietnam Forum on Circular Economy 2023, organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

ThaiBev booth at Vietnam Circular Economy Forum 2023 last week

During the Vietnam Circular Economy Forum, 20 stands were organized, presenting models and solutions promoting the circular economy towards environmental protection and sustainable development.

The world is increasingly recognizing the importance of maximizing resource efficiency and moving to a circular economy. By applying circular economy principles throughout its value chain, ThaiBev, ASEAN’s largest agri-food sector leader, has developed a closed-loop packaging collection system to create new opportunities for recycling after consumption.

This is seen as another way to increase resource efficiency and reduce waste, especially with primary packaging materials such as glass, paper, aluminum cans and PET bottles. Thai Beverage Recycle, a subsidiary of ThaiBev, is dedicated to post-consumer packaging management.

ThaiBev aims to achieve packaging circularity, taking into account all environmental and social impacts. The company integrates the concept of circular economy throughout its packaging value chain, from design to post-consumer packaging management.

The key elements of ThaiBev’s management approach to packaging circularity are: optimization of packaging weight and volume; collection and sorting of post-consumer packaging; reuse and recycle; innovation and product design for sustainable packaging; and stakeholder collaboration.

ThaiBev commits to the circular economy in Vietnam

In 2017, ThaiBev acquired more than 340 million shares, equivalent to 53.6 percent of SABECO, at a unit price of 320,000 VND (nearly $14).

“SABECO is our crown jewel – a rare asset among all the region’s brewing assets,” said Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, chairman of ThaiBev in September last year.

ThaiBev and its subsidiary in Vietnam – SABECO have been integrating the circular economy development strategy into the group’s operations for many years.

The ThaiBev “Bring it back home” initiative is a cooperative project of ThaiBev with agents and distribution facilities to collect used glass beer and beverage bottles for reuse and recycling. This is a good opportunity to control bottles and packaging materials after use, as well as use the company’s distribution logistics and collection to mitigate truck rotations with empty containers and optimize the use of human resources and resources.

ThaiBev also has the Thailand Supply Chain initiative, founded by eight Thai companies in Vietnam. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen cooperation between Thai companies in the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences through investment activities.

There are five groups in this initiative whose objective is to protect value in business management, share knowledge related to corporate law, finance and social responsibility, create value through cooperation to improve current performance such as joint sales, cross-training or joint ventures.

In 2020, ThaiBev and its partners organized the Thailand Sustainability Expo with the slogan of “autonomous and self-sufficient economy”. To expand this network beyond Thailand’s borders and welcome more businesses to Southeast Asia, the Thailand Sustainability Expo. a manufacturing sustainability fair, was launched in 2022.

“We propose to build a supply chain network between Thailand and Vietnam. Both countries have the potential to become leading circular economy countries in the region. To do this, both countries need “collective and unified efforts,” said a ThaiBev representative.

Agri-food stocks are waiting to benefit from the economic recovery
Agri-food stocks are waiting to benefit from the economic recovery

Global food and drink stocks are plummeting amid continued concerns over COVID-19. The quicker the government stabilizes the economic recovery, the quicker businesses will regain their development momentum.

ThaiBev spin-off identifies growth in beer group ThaiBev spin-off identifies growth in beer group

Thai Beverage Public Company, known as ThaiBev, has announced plans for BeerCo – which includes ThaiBev’s brewing operations in Thailand and Vietnam – to resume its proposed spin-off of its brewing unit in Singapore and thus launches its restructuring.

ThaiBev outlines expansion plans for 2023 ThaiBev outlines expansion plans for 2023

Thai Drinks Plc. (ThaiBev) currently owns 53.6 percent of SABECO and intends to expand its investments into other businesses in 2023. However, it is prioritizing existing businesses and those it has recently acquired to display the best yields.

By Nguyen Huong

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