The Texas barbecue and the different styles by region of the state

Texas and barbecue go hand in hand and depending on the region of the state, the distinct flavors of smoked meats are unique in tradition and technique.

A recent report from Texas Food highlighted these differences in barbecue and smoked meat preferences by region in the Lone Star State to give the barbecue dealer a little insight to consider when traveling across the country. State.

The four iconic regions of Texas that were featured for their unique barbecue flavors included East Texas, West, South, and the Central region of the state.

East Texas:

“In East Texas, pork takes center stage, with pork chops and pulled pork being the stars of the show,” the report said. Slow-cooked meats with a tangy, sweet, tomato-based barbecue sauce is what sets East Texas apart from other parts of the state. The area was known for its tender slow smoked pork bone drop with a sauce which is also considered a star item to bring all the flavors together.

West Texas:

During a trip to West Texas, this region’s barbecue was highlighted for its variety of different cuts of smoked beef. The barbecue style is often cooked over direct heat over mesquite wood, according to the report, with a common style of a charred exterior and a tender, moist center.

“The West Texas-style barbecue showcases the area’s cowboy heritage and open spaces,” the report said.

South Texas:

When traveling to the southern regions of the state, the Mexican influences of chili peppers and a variety of smoked meats reign supreme.

“In South Texas, a diverse range of meats such as beef, pork, and chicken are often featured,” the report said. Additionally, the culture of Mexico includes smoked meats such as mojellas and lengua which add to the barbecue culture of the region.

“These meats are marinated in savory spices and citrus juices, adding a vibrant, tangy element to the barbecue,” the report says. “Cooking methods in South Texas vary, with open pits or grills commonly used to create a charred, crispy exterior similar to West Texas style while maintaining a juicy, tender cut of smoked meat.”

Central Texas:

The Central Texas style of barbecue is legendary, the process of cooking wood over charcoal to create the perfect slow-smoked brisket with the perfect ring and bark is something that can only be experienced by traveling the area for a taste.

The region’s barbecue puts less emphasis on the sauce and marinades and focuses more on the meat itself, according to the report. Smoked meats are usually served with white bread, picked, and onions, and are a signature style of barbecue that is famous throughout the Lone Star State.

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