This Creamy Tahini Kale Salad Takes Only 5 Minutes to Make

With the weather *almost* warming up and spring on the horizon, many of us may soon ditch hot dinners in favor of lighter meals like salads. If you’re looking for new vegan salad recipes in your life, this creamy tahini kale salad is a must-try.

If you think salads are always boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. Salad recipes go way beyond a boring garden salad, and there is a salad for every taste.

For the kale salad recipe below, which comes from Viva!’s Vegan Recipe Club, you can use any salad you like, including tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, peppers, or any other thing. What makes this salad special is its creamy tahini dressing, for which you’ll only need a few basic pantry ingredients.

Creamy Tahini Kale Salad Recipe

It’s a delicious way to eat kale and the whole salad will leave you feeling refreshed – it’s so healthy you can practically feel the nutrients coursing through your body! Massaging the kale makes it a little softer to eat and easier to digest – the dressing makes this process easier. It can be enjoyed as a side or main dish, especially if you fill it with grains, tofu and extra salad pieces.

Duration5 minutes

Preparation time5 minutes


  • 1 large bunch kale, stems removed and torn into bite-size pieces
  • Any combination of options, including canned pulses (drained and rinsed), artichokes, avocado, cherry tomatoes, croutons, cucumber, fresh chili, fresh herbs, garlic, beets grated, marinated tofu, quinoa, radish, red onion, spring onion, sprinkling of nutritional yeast, dried tomatoes, sweet corn, toasted seed mix
  • 3 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3 tablespoon tahini
  • 3 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon Tamari
  • 1 tablespoon syrup (e.g. maple or agave)


  • Place the torn kale in a large bowl and pour in all the dressing ingredients.

  • Massage everything together for a few minutes (this helps break down the fiber in the kale to make it more digestible and also helps absorb flavors!).

  • Add any of the optional extras of your choice (and more dressing ingredients if needed) and enjoy.

Serving Suggestions: bulgar, couscous, crispbread, curries, pasta or gnocchi, quinoa, rice and tofu, roasted vegetables, selection of salads, vegan kyiv

This recipe has been republished with permission from Viva’s new cookbook, Everyone can cook vegan. You can buy the book here.

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