This Farmer’s Dog Food Sale Will Get You 50% Off Your First Can (Yes, Really)

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The Farmer’s Dog is a food-grade dog food brand that has been recommended to us at PureWow by several veterinarians for its high-quality ingredients, six-year live feeding trials, and customization. So the Farmer’s dog food sale going on for Black Friday 2023 is worth keeping an ear out for: it’s getting you half off your first can of extra-healthy dog ​​food. Yes, that means your dog can get their first set of meals at 50% off.

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Many dog ​​owners are embracing the fresh pet food trend as a way to combat obesity, cancer, and diabetes (which are increasing at an alarming rate among our pet population, according to Farmer’s Dog). The idea behind fresh dog food is that it is more digestible and nutrient-dense than commercially extruded dog food. At Farmer’s Dog, everything is prepared fresh, cooked gently (i.e. at a low temperature), and frozen just enough to last until it arrives at your home.

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Plot ? Here’s how to get started with The Farmer’s Dog: You fill out their questionnaire (no sweat, it takes less than three minutes) which provides insight into your dog’s life stage and health. Then you take a look at the recipes they recommend for your pup and order meals delivered portioned and ready to serve or refrigerate. Here are the back-of-the-envelope calculations in our PureWow review:

“I tested The Farmer’s Dog questionnaire with information about my parents’ dog, an 8-year-old Labrador retriever who is relatively healthy. The results were $3.58/day (or $25.06/week) with a 50% discount for two weeks of food including three unique recipes (beef, pork and chicken),” writes Sarah Ashley.

Bottom line: Better food for your best friend is as easy as ordering Postmates…and now half price to boot. This seems like a deal worth picking up.

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