Three best barbecue spots, wild brunch and hand-made pizzas

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David Elder kicks off Season 5 of Texas Eats with big bites, a brunch extravaganza, and a barbecue tour of Austin featuring some of the state’s best barbecue restaurants.

David starts at the newly reopened Bandera Rd at Comfort Cafe. location on the west side of San Antonio.

Comfort Cafe has received national attention as one of the best places in the country to have brunch, according to Yelp.

Comfort Cafe has three locations. Each is non-profit and operates on a “pay what you can” basis. One hundred percent of restaurant profits benefit Serenity Star, a sober living drug treatment program founded and operated by owners Teri and Rosalina Lopez.

All Comfort Cafe staff are volunteers and most are part of the Serenity Star program.

David hangs out with Teri Lopez and samples some of their extravagant menu items, including a double jalapeno cheeseburger, a loaded pancake flight, and a Texas Philly sandwich. David then enters the kitchen to help prepare one of their signature items, Oreo-stuffed French toast.

Next, David heads to the river in this week’s edition of “Working Out Your Appetite” for some boating and snorkeling. David meets host and creator of the popular Man + River YouTube channel, Dallas Rowley. Dallas shares some information about how he got started on the treasure hunt and how the couple dived for lost valuables.

David then heads to downtown San Antonio for an upscale dining experience at Stout’s Signature. Although the atmosphere at Stout’s Signature has a gourmet vibe, the menu is approachable, with dishes like stone-baked and hand-prepared pizzas, bone-in pork chops and bread pudding.

David samples the menu with Stout owner and founder Jason Stout while sipping Jason’s favorite house cocktail, the Coffee Old Fashioned. The couple then head to the kitchen to prepare a traditional Margherita pizza.

In part two of “Working Out Your Appetite,” David and Dallas embark on another scavenger hunt, this time for the best beef bite, side dish, and dessert from some of Austin’s best barbecue.

The duo starts at LeRoy and Lewis, a barbecue truck on the south end of Austin that specializes in unusual cuts of smoked meats and is ranked among the top ten barbecue spots in the state, according to Texas Monthly.

They taste smoked beef chuck, smoked beef cheek, Frito pie and cheddar cheesecake.

Next, David and Dallas discover Stiles Switch BBQ on Lamar Blvd. just north of downtown Austin. They enjoy smoked brisket, smoked prime rib, sweet serrano-glazed fried Brussels sprouts and tres leches.

The duo completes the barbecue tour at Interstellar BBQ in northwest Austin. Interstellar BBQ is ranked No. 2 among the state’s 50 best barbecue restaurants, according to Texas Monthly.

David and Dallas enjoy the smoked brisket, gouda macaroni and Mexican hot chocolate pudding.

The couple then shares their favorite beef bite, side and dessert from the Texas Eats BBQ tour.

You don’t want to miss this delicious episode of Texas Eats!

6812 Bandera Road, Suite 101, Leon Valley, Texas 78238

Pancake sampler from Comfort Cafe in San Antonio (ksat12)
Double Bacon Cheeseburger from Comfort Cafe in San Antonio (ksat12)
Loaded Waffles from Comfort Cafe in San Antonio (ksat12)
David Elder and Man + River host Dallas Rowley (ksat12)

227 4th Street, Suites 101-103, 207 4th Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Stout’s Signature Pizza in San Antonio (ksat12)
Filet Mignon from Stout’s Signature in San Antonio (ksat12)

121 Pickle Rd, Austin, Texas 78704

Smoked Beef Chuck from LeRoy and Lewis in Austin (ksat12)
Smoked beef cheek from LeRoy and Lewis in Austin (ksat12)
Cheddar cheesecake from LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue in Austin (ksat12)

6610 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78752

Smoked brisket from Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin (ksat12)
Smoked prime rib from Stiles Switch BBQ in Austin (ksat12)

12233 Ranch Rd 620 N suite 105, Austin, Texas 78750

Smoked brisket from Interstellar BBQ in Austin (ksat12)
Barbecue platter from Interstellar BBQ in Austin (ksat12)

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