Try this Greek Horiatiki Salad Recipe for a Tasty Day

Salad lovers, unite!

What is the story

Discover the essence of Mediterranean flavors with the classic Greek Horiatiki salad.

Originating from the pastoral landscapes of Greece, this dish combines garden-fresh vegetables in a symphony of vibrant hues and crunchy textures, all topped off with a zesty, invigorating vinaigrette.

Ideal as a light and refreshing lunch or as a complementary side dish, it invites you to slice, dice and savor its healthy benefits.

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Gather the following ingredients

To prepare this Greek specialty, prepare four ripe tomatoes, a cucumber, a green pepper, a red onion, half a cup of Kalamata olives and 200 g of feta cheese.

For the dressing, you will need three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon of red wine vinegar, a pinch of dried oregano, and salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare the vegetables

Start by washing all your vegetables well.

Quarter the tomatoes and cut the cucumber into half-moons about a quarter-inch thick.

For the pepper, remove the core and seeds before cutting it into slices.

Also finely cut the red onion into rings.

Arrange all these vegetables in a large salad bowl as you prepare them.

Assemble the salad

After preparing your vegetables, introduce the Kalamata olives into the mixture.

Next, take the feta and crumble it generously over the salad, creating a delicious creamy texture that contrasts with the crispness of the vegetables.

Following tradition, arrange these ingredients in elegant layers rather than mixing them, allowing each element to stand out on its own.

Clothing perfection

In a small bowl, whisk the extra virgin olive oil with the red wine vinegar to create a harmonious mixture.

Gently stir in a pinch of dried oregano, adding salt and freshly ground pepper to suit your palate.

Aim for an exquisite balance between the zest of vinegar and the luxury of olive oil, creating the quintessence of Mediterranean zest.

Serve with love

Before serving, drizzle your salad with vinaigrette, allowing the flavors to seep into every crevice.

A gentle blend can be used to meld tastes or leave it layered for a visual and textural feast.

Now your horiatiki salad is ready to grace any table, a perfect accompaniment for a sunny afternoon or an evening under the stars.

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