Turkey, starters, casserole and more

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The countdown is on for Thanksgiving. If you’re starting to worry about meal prep and plans, we’ve got all the Thanksgiving recipes you need right here.

First, determine what you can do in advance and what you can’t do. You may also want to set a budget, because Thanksgiving dinner costs rise even as turkey prices fall.

Finally, keep safety in mind: Day #1 of kitchen fires, here’s how not become a statistic.

If you have a turkey or baking emergency, there are hotlines you can call. Two, in particular, are staffed by experts in Butter ball And King Arthur who won’t laugh even if you tried to defrost your bird in the dryer.

Now, let’s talk about food:

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

It’s hard to go wrong with the classic: a crispy-skinned roast bird with a homemade sauce. This recipe from turkey expert Butterball guides you through this process, even if you’ve never encountered an offal bag before.

Recipe: Whole Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy, from Butterball

Alternatively, you might need a turkey prepared in advance and ready to traveland Melissa Clark of the New York Times has found a way to solve this conundrum.

Finally a turkey prepared in advance and ready to travel

Need a vegetarian dish that will also please turkey eaters? Try that acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, shiitakes and cranberries. This is a dish that deserves to be your holiday centerpiece.

TasteFood: A vegetarian centerpiece worthy of a holiday table

Thanksgiving side dish recipes

Who doesn’t like bread? Cook these tenders Little bread from King Arthur Baking Co. It makes a batch of 24.

Recipe: Make Thanksgiving Dinner Rolls the King Arthur Baking Co Way.

We also have the recipe for a breathtaking aperitif: baked camembert with persimmon. It combines rosemary and pomegranate for an easy but delicious starter.

Holiday Appetizers: Baked Camembert with Persimmon and Rosemary

Here’s something Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts everyone will love it, a sweet and juicy dish, both quick and easy to make.

TasteFood: Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts Everyone Will Love

Of course we have to include a nod to cranberrieswhich are more than just a Thanksgiving side dish. Sherry-Spiced Cranberry Sauce can be prepared in advance, or you can serve braised red cabbage with cranberries.

You also can’t go wrong with green salad, specially accompanied by Ina Garten’s creamy vinaigrette. To get a head start, Orange County Register contributor Cathy Thomas presents the salad bowl and tongs, places the dressing and ready-to-use lettuce in the refrigerator, then asks a guest to toss them while the preparation of the sauce.

Thanksgiving Casserole Recipe

Sweet Potato Crunch Casserole is another side that could serve as an entrance. Much of it can be prepared in advance and reheated just before guests arrive.

Recipe: Crunchy Sweet Potato Casserole is a Perfect Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Start with a secret pie crust from The Pie Hole in Los Angeles, then choose your topping – lemon-pear, spicy hot chocolate or beyond pumpkin.

Recipe: Lemon-pear tart from Pie Hole

THE Rebecca Grasley, co-founder of Pie Hole shared all these recipes and more with The Mercury News; Don’t miss some special tips for making a perfect Thanksgiving pie.

Recipe: Spicy Hot Chocolate Pie from The Pie Hole

Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Spiced Brown Sugar Pecan Coffee Cake is a sweet treat for the holidays, and we have the recipe for a spice-rich topping.

Recipe: Spiced Brown Sugar Pecan Coffee Cake is a Sweet Treat for the Holidays

You could also do pumpkin cake with buttermilk frosting in front.

Thanksgiving Drink Recipes

Amid holiday celebrations, “a great way to stay cool and warm is to enjoy” coffee cocktails, writes Kate Bradshaw for The Mercury News. Think Mainly classic Irish coffee or one Cappuccino Chartreuse.

Bay Area Cocktail Recipes: Mostly Classic Irish Coffee

Both drink recipes come from Oregon coffee journalists Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, who recently published their second book, “But first, coffee: a guide to making coffee, from kitchen to bar.”

Bay Area Coffee Cocktail Recipe: Cappuccino Chartreuse

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Do you find yourself with a lot of leftover turkey? You can make a quick hash that “tastes good on the second day,” writes Tribune News Service’s Linda Gassenheimer.

Quick Fix: Turkey Ground

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