Vegan pizza near me: 14 chains that deliver

They say there is no bad pizza. That’s being very generous to some of the less-than-satisfying vegan pizzas we tried before the dairy-free cheese revolution. Vegan pizza has improved significantly over the years and it’s also becoming more and more common.

Despite its growing popularity, vegan pizza isn’t quite at the tipping point for vegan burgers (national chains are slow to adopt vegan cheese), but many regional and independent pizzerias have permanently added vegan cheese and plant-based meats on their menus. If you’re not craving plant-based pizza now, you definitely will by the end of this article. Here’s where to find the best vegan pizza delivery.

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Best Vegan Cheese for Pizza

The right vegan cheese can convince us to have a second slice. But the truth is, not all delivery options offer vegan cheese. So sometimes you still have to add your own, unless, of course, you want to enjoy pizza alla marinara, the Neapolitan pie consisting of a thin crust with a puffy base topped with tomato sauce, extra olive oil virgin, oregano and garlic.

Three varieties work well on pizza: vegan parmesan, creamy nut-based cheese, and really melty (non-rubbery) cheese. The latter is the most difficult to master. There’s a fine line between gooey, melty goodness and sticky, bland, greasy goodness.


Miyoko’s Creamery and NUMU both make reliable vegan mozzarella that holds up to heat. Specifically, Miyoko’s pourable mozzarella works wonders for homemade pies, while NUMU can be found in a variety of pizzerias in the greater New York area as well as Whole Foods pizzerias nationwide. Many restaurants also offer Daiya, Parmela Creamery, or Follow Your Heart cheese to get that stretchy element.

Creamy spreadable cheeses like mozzarella and nut-based ricotta are also great vegan pizza toppings. With just a handful of ingredients and a high-speed blender, you can easily make these nutty cheeses at home. We also love when a restaurant makes their own vegan cheese. It is generally a rich and delicious nut-based variety, generously placed on an artisanal crust.

Don’t forget the parm. Whether store-bought or homemade, a finish of vegan parmesan adds umami flavor to bring it all together. Make it in less than five minutes by blending cashews, nutritional yeast, and a pinch of salt, black pepper, and garlic powder until you have a sand-like texture. Sometimes all you need is a sprinkle of this cheesy pixie dust and voila: no other cheese required.

Where to find vegan pizza delivery

These days, you can find vegan pizza just about anywhere you can find non-vegan pizza. It is available at regional chain restaurants, independent restaurants, grocery store hot bars, and in the freezer aisle.

Even when a restaurant doesn’t explicitly have a plant-based pie on the menu, you can usually order one by holding out on the meat and cheese and increasing the veggies. Most pizza doughs are naturally vegan (except for most Papa John’s doughs, which for some reason contain milk), making it easy to make your own at a restaurant. Here are some of our favorite delivery options.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.BlazePizzaPizza flambée

1 Pizza flambée

Among the pizza chains that do delivery, Blaze Pizza is one of the most vegan-friendly. At this LeBron James-backed restaurant, the Classic, High-Rise, and gluten-free crust options are all vegan. Then you can top it with dairy-free cheese, plant-based chorizo, and all the veggies.


Fluffy mushroom

2 Fluffy mushroom

No meat, no dairy and no honey are no problem at Mellow Mushroom. The Vegan Veg Out pizza features a red sauce topped with Follow Your Heart cheese, along with spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, sweet onions, black olives and Roma tomatoes. Additionally, it comes in small, medium and large sizes.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.MODAGAINST pizza

3 AGAINST pizza

Vegan options are abundant at MOD Pizza. This chain offers three vegetarian options that can be made vegan by replacing the dairy cheese with plant-based cheese. The Lucy Sunshine comes with artichokes, garlic and dollops of red sauce. The Dillon James has fresh basil, garlic, fresh tomatoes and red sauce. And the Maddy is a classic cheese pizza with vegan mozzarella. But if you choose to build your own pie, opt for plant-based chorizo ​​and add your favorite veggies.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.DominosDomino’s United Kingdom

4 Domino’s

As one of the largest pizza chains in the United States, it’s definitely one of the most accessible options. To order, choose the Thin Crunchy Crust then add the Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce. All vegetable toppings are vegan. And if you live in the UK, you’re in luck: a range of vegan toppings like dairy-free cheese, soy-based chicken and a plethora of fruits, vegetables and peppers are at your disposal to create the pie perfect.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.FreshBrothersCool Brothers

5 Cool Brothers

With plant-based cheese and meat toppings on the menu, Fresh Brothers is one of the most vegan-friendly chains around. You can get a classic vegan pepperoni pizza, a simple vegan cheese, or the Vegan Da Works pizza, which includes Field Roast mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onion. You can even make your own custom pizza using the chain’s plant-based options, clearly marked on the menu.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.PizzaHutPizza Hut United Kingdom

6 Pizza Hut

It’s easy to order a delicious pie at Pizza Hut. Original Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy and Hand Tossed Soft Crusts are free from animal ingredients. Then choose marinara or buffalo sauce and one of the vegetable toppings. British vegans, you’re in luck: Although this popular chain doesn’t offer vegan cheese in the US, across the pond, plant-based cheese, chicken, and even pepperoni are available . For even more options in the US, check out our guide to ordering vegan food at Pizza Hut.


7 Pieology

The only vegan crust option at Pieology is the thin, crispy gluten-free crust. But what the chain lacks in bread it makes up for in having dairy-free Daiya mozzarella cheese, plus plant-based meatballs and Italian sausage. All the vegetables are vegan and for the sauces, you have the choice between barbecue or Buffalo. Top your pie with crushed red pepper and oregano New York pizzeria style.


8 &Pizza

As a chain, &Pizza is smaller, but you can find locations along the East Coast. And what a vegan menu it offers. The pizzeria offers traditional and gluten-free crusts, classic or spicy tomato sauce, dairy-free mozzarella and spicy chickpeas, plant-based sausage or vegan chicken for protein. Choose from any veggies, then finish with garlic puree, grilled onions, banana peppers and more.


9 Papa Johns

It’s a sign of the times that a major chain like Papa John’s has a page on its website dedicated to showing you how to order a vegan pie. The original hand-prepared dough is plant-based (unlike the chain’s other pastas, which contain milk and egg products) and for the sauce, you have the choice of original tomato sauce or barbecue, which would be delicious with pineapple and mushrooms. All vegetables are vegan. Unlike the UK, there are no plant-based cheese or meat fillings.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.vegan_gohan @vegan_gohan/Instagram

ten Brixx wood fired pizza

While there are no dedicated vegan options on the menu, all you have to do is make a few customizations to a handful of offerings. These are Greek pizza, wild mushroom pizza, pear and gorgonzola pizza, and wood-roasted vegetable pizza, which can be made vegan by removing the cheese and adding produce-free cheese. dairy. When it comes to custom pizzas, the traditional crust is free of animal products.

VegNews.VeganPizzaDelivery.CaliforniaPizzaKitchenCalifornia Pizza Cuisine

11 California Pizza Cuisine

California Pizza Kitchen succeeded despite the lack of dairy-free cheese. Try the California Veggie Pizza or Wild Mushroom Pizza without cheese. Add the chopped Italian salad without turkey, salami, mozzarella and mustard herb dressing if you need something fresh.


12Little Caesars

This long-running chain offers a few vegan options. The thin crust is free of animal ingredients, as is the original marinara-style pizza sauce. As for toppings, load up on vegetables, mushrooms and pineapple. Unfortunately, the vegan pepperoni that the chain launched in summer 2021 has been discontinued.


13 Sbarro

This New York pizza-inspired chain that’s a staple of malls across the country doesn’t have many plant-based options, but you can order one plain without cheese and top it off with veggies.


14 Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Best known for serving Chicago-style pizza, Uno Pizzeria & Grill has a page dedicated to vegan options on its website. You can choose from the Vegan Garden Pizza, which features a thin hand-stretched crust, tomato sauce, spinach, roasted vegetables, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. For fans of deep dish, Uno offers that too. Check out the Vegan Cheeseburger Deep Dish for a blend of two deliciously delicious foods.

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