Vlogger who gorges on street food will leave Indians abroad homesick

One of the major downsides of moving abroad is how much you miss Indian food, especially street food. From golgappa to pav bhaji to vada pav, street food is nothing short of thrills for every foodie. While you can find all of this at some fancy downtown restaurants, it can cost you a fortune. Let’s also admit that it is difficult to find the authentic and delicious flavors of these delicious dishes in a foreign country. Now a video, which has taken the internet by storm, has shed light on this issue in a hilarious way. Before you read on, we’d like to warn you that you might be craving these decadent foods. In the clip, a content creator, Aryan Kataria, is seen gorging on street food, in a bid to tease all his friends who have gone to study abroad.
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The now-viral video opens with him sitting across the table, with several street food dishes served on a plate. Starting with Pav Bhaji, the vlogger is seen taking a big bite of the Pav and scooping a generous amount of Bhaji with it. Of course, it immediately fell into his mouth. Honestly, even if you don’t watch this clip, just listening to him eat will make your mouth water. Then he sprinkles the chopped onion over the bhaji. After taking another bite of the dish, he can be heard saying: “You also have Pav Bhaji here, don’t you?” A value of $20 (Rs 1600).) »

Vada Pav was next on his menu. Aryan takes the vada and keeps it between the buns, which are topped with masala. He is seen dipping the dish into a bowl filled with chutney and taking a big bite. Of course he had to take a second bite. Next: Samosa. Once again he dipped it into a bowl full of chutney and took a big bite. Oh, that crunch! He said, “Aur bhai quality of life mil gayi udhar? And the pot is thrown from the sky, isn’t it?» (Have you found a quality life there? Are you washing the dishes in the kitchen properly?) As if that wasn’t enough, the vlogger continues to squeeze lemon on the bhaji and takes a bite saying: “Go to Walmart and buy some lemons. (Go find lemon at Walmart.) Well, he saved the highlight for last. No need to guess, as this was our pani puri guilty pleasure.
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He shared the clip with the text: “Send this video to your friend who has gone to study abroad.” He made his intentions clear in the caption which read: “Make me jealous by sending the video.” (Send the video and make them jealous.)

Are you drooling? It must be said that the vlogger succeeded in his attempt, as one comment reads: “I want India, brother.” (I’m in India but still want it.)

One viewer joked that it was his way of getting revenge because he couldn’t pass the GMAT or IELTS.

Another user wrote: “This is a reality check! India is truly the best country.

So far, the video has been viewed over 9 million times.

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