“We are not afraid to experiment and try new things”

Korndrummer, Ray Luzierhas been keeping pace with the nu-metal pioneers since 2007, and in a recent interview with Modern drummer David Frangionihe reflected on some of his favorite memories with the band, from creating chart-topping hits to diving headfirst into dubstep experiments.

“I love making a new album and I love going on tour to support that… Now that I’m in the band, I write with them, I’m on a record, and then I go out and play these songs live. J I love the classics.”

While Korn draws on a collaborative creative approach, Luzier I remember occasional solo gems: “Sometimes Jon will bring a finished idea – there is a song, “Never Never”, from The paradigm shift“It was a good single for us. It went to No. 1. And it was completely Jonathan“.

“He brought us a song that he wrote and composed. And we were like, ‘Wow, that’s catchy. What do we do?” He said “Do whatever you want.” The drum programming that he put there was very simple. And I ended up doing a very simplistic part because that I didn’t want to overwrite the song. It was such a beautifully melodic song. So there was stuff like that that he brought in,” Luzier recalled.

But Korn not afraid to push the limits. Luzier I remember the dubstep detour of The path to totalitya bold move that divided fans but also attracted new ones.

“We moved into full-fledged dubstep in 2012 on The path to totalityAnd Skrillex And 12th planet and all these dubstep DJs were part of our existence. And it was a complete left turn. This made some people angry and also gained new fans who love this style of music. »

Experimentation is a Korn a distinctive mark, evident in their diverse discography. Luzier rented The serenity of suffering And Nothingness for their unique flavors and praised the recent Requiem album for its old-school and jam-room atmosphere. Seeing these various “roots grow in song” and resonate with fans is what really excites him.

“That’s one thing I like about this group. We’re not afraid to experiment and try new things. But starting from The paradigm shift has The serenity of sufferingwhich is one of my favorite records. Nothingness is also one of my favorites. And the last Requiem, we went to kind of old school, part analog, we went back to just “Let’s go in a room and play”, that kind of vibe. And one of the best parts for me is seeing those roots grow in the song. It becomes something that appeals to the crowds. They sing the lyrics back. There’s no better feeling than rocking out on stage, whether it’s in front of 500 people or 50,000 people, feeling that energy. You can never replace a live experience. »

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