We’re getting Mississippi’s first Buc-ee’s. Is the food really as good as everyone says?

In case you didn’t know, South Mississippi gets a Buc-ee’s.

I know I know. The news simply goes unnoticed. But they even close entire lanes of the highway because of it!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, let me catch you up: Buc-ee’s is opening a new location on Menge Avenue near Diamondhead and it could be open by Thanksgiving.

What is a Buc-ee? Well, it’s a gas station. You fill up at the pump, buy snacks and wave at the beaver on the way out. OK, maybe I’m summarizing a little.

The Beaver Statue welcomes you to Buc-ee’s in Robertsdale, Alabama.

It’s certainly more than that. The Texas-based mega-convenience store is known for its high-end bathrooms, dozens of fuel pumps, crowds, beaver-branded paraphernalia and wide range of food items.

It’s this last part that I’m here to explain. The closest current location to the Mississippi coast is in Robertsdale, Alabama, along I-10 and actually close to where my family lives. I have frequented the store several times and decided to pass along a review while passing through the area for the Sun Belt basketball tournament in Pensacola.

The food at Buc-ee’s is plentiful. You know it if you’ve ever come across one. I could never write here everything they have between the red and tan walls, so I’ll hit the highlights.

All the typical gas station snacks and drinks are found here, but these aisles are placed off to the side and it’s generally the most peaceful area of ​​the building. In the center is a fudge and barbecue stand surrounded by meal kiosks, snack stands and a food bar in front of the kitchen.

Here you will find anything and everything. The fudge is prepared in front of you. You will find chocolate, salted caramel, tiger butter, birthday cake and much more. There are also cookies, glazed nuts and other treats here.

On the other side is the chopped barbecue sandwich stand in front of you. You choose from pulled pork stuffed buns, turkey slices, ground brisket, three meats and more.

I almost never visit without grabbing a brisket sandwich. For me, these sandwiches are the highlight of the offering. They carry a smoky edge that gives it an authentic taste and the sauce used behind the bar adds the right amount of heat.

Then there’s the jerky. Peppery, mesquite, steakhouse or whatever you like. This comes with a treasure trove of treats ranging from pecan-topped cinnamon rolls to white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to muffins and rolls. There are kolaches stuffed with sausage, filled with cherries, cream cheese or strawberries.

There are even burritos. The chicken burrito is huge. A stuffed Moe home wrecker is nothing in comparison. It’s loaded with chicken, rice, bell pepper, corn relish, onion and chipimiento. You won’t be able to fit in much else once you have that.

And of course, there are the famous beaver nuggets. I can’t speak to the variety of flavors like mild cinnamon and white cheddar, but you can think of the taste of the original nuggets as similar to the caramel popcorn you find in big Christmas popcorn buckets.

And finally, fountain drinks cost 79 cents, regardless of size.

Not everything is stellar. You’re not going to order a custom hot dog and vow to never buy another rough dog again. But much of it is surprisingly high quality for a convenience store. After all, they have a big kitchen.

Buc-ee’s is worth the trip for several reasons. Whether you want to quickly grab a few sandwiches to take home for dinner or grab some gas and meals that will put the kids to sleep for the next few hours, Buc-ee’s more than serves that purpose and does it well.

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