What is the point of a rotating cake stand?

Many kitchen utensils may seem unnecessary. At the very least, they sometimes look more visually appealing than functional. When it comes to rotating cake stands, however, their ability to swivel is a total game changer if you’re a home baker wanting to decorate.

It’s easy to become frustrated with the icing process when you see immaculate-looking bakery cakes evenly coated in good-tasting sweetness, but the most important pro tip for achieving the aesthetic of commercial-grade confectionery at home house is about pivoting a rotating cake stand. . The reason is simple: the movement of the stand allows you to rotate your cake while you decorate it, meaning you don’t need to run your hand over your creation to cover difficult areas. This also allows you to apply your frosting more evenly. Another advantage of a rotating cake stand is that you can raise your cake to a level that suits you.

That said, if you don’t have access to one of these cake stands or just don’t want to invest in a new tool, you can create a makeshift one at home. Simply take the turntable from your microwave and place your cake plate on it.

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Other Useful Cake Decorating Tools

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Besides a rotating cake stand, there are a few other useful tools and practices that can help you create the cake of your decorating dreams. An offset spatula, for example, is like an extension of the cake decorator’s dominant hand. This tool, which features a flat, angled blade and can be used with a rotating cake stand, allows you to not only apply frosting evenly for that immaculate layer, but also create designs like swoops. You can even use it to paint with colored icings. It’s easy to justify keeping an offset spatula on hand: Besides decorating, you can use it for everything from spreading peanut butter on a sandwich to putting cream cheese on a bagel.

A cake leveler is also handy for ensuring your dessert has a smooth, even surface. This is an adjustable wire-based slicing tool that allows you to cut your cake horizontally or remove its domed top for a perfectly flat, frostable surface. Don’t worry about wasting food: simply turn cut up leftovers into cake pops.

Take a spin with your position

Cake on rotating stand

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Once you have all the cake baking tools you need, you can get inspired and frost without frustration. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is always a crowd-pleaser, and for chocolate lovers, a Brooklyn Blackout Cake is as good as cocoa. Whether you go back in American history to recreate Martha Curtis Washington’s iconic election cake or opt for a more modern ombré frosting, both will turn heads. Embrace your booth rotation with a s’mores cake topped with marshmallow creme. A rotating cake stand will also help you evenly distribute frosting between layers and create the ultimate coconut cake.

So brush up on your frosting recipes – why not try a chocolate sour cream or traditional American buttercream? – and get ready to try your next creation. With the right tools, you can put your cake on a pedestal and be confident you’ll get the perfect look every time.

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