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Team Tila, rejoice: celebrity chef and restaurateur Chef Jet Tila has just launched a new line of cookware with HSN. The collection features chef-grade staples ideal for home cooks, including a four-piece wok set, 12-inch skillet, and Japanese steel chef’s knife.

“Working with HSN was on my to-do list,” Tila explained. “My job is to make all foods accessible. You have the books, you have a recipe, and now you have the equipment to cook it.

We sat down with Chef Jet to discuss what we can expect from his new range of cookware, how he curated (and tested) the collection, and why it stands out from other ranges on the market.

Discover the Jet Tila HSN collection

The Chef Jet Tila collection is made with quality first

Quality comes first with the Chef Jet collection.

When Tila described the products that featured in his new collection, you could feel the passion he had for each piece of gear. Tila wanted the pieces to be high quality additions to every kitchen, yet accessible to chefs of all skill levels.

After working for 30 years in the culinary world, Tila wanted to create a range of cookware that reflected his life experience as both a professional chef and a father – someone who demands excellence, but also wants being able to split a pocket of homemade pizza with her kids on a Friday.

“It’s a passion to connect with people and give them a dining experience through any medium,” Tila said. “(The line) is an opportunity to really feel like a professional chef, but without any additional learning curves. Grab the gear, check out our recipes, and then let’s cook together.

As the owner of all of Jet Tila’s cookbooks, it was reassuring to hear how passionate he is about providing home cooks with the tools that will make their lives easier. It was evident that he cared deeply about the construction of each item, from the steel that made the knife to the hybrid coating on the stainless steel pan.

Chef Jet Tila worked on every piece throughout the process

HSN’s Jet Tila collection isn’t just cookware bearing his name – he was keen to curate a line that deserved to bear his name and his approval.

There were a few kitchen staples that he thought should be part of the collection.

“I’ve been a gear nerd most of my life,” Tila said. “I created this line with the great people at HSN, but I was able to say, ‘Hey guys, we need a 12-inch pan. I want a triple ply, I need this hybrid coating.

As Tila described what he wanted, he was able to work closely with the HSN team to test each iteration and provide feedback, ensuring that the final products were exactly what he envisioned.

“Every piece of gear I was in, for every phase, up to this point,” Tila said. “We broke a few eggs to make the perfect omelet.”

Everything you need to buy from the Chef Jet Tila HSN range of cookware

The new line of HSN cookware includes five new products: a four-piece wok set, a 6-inch Japanese steel knife, a chopper mixer set, a 12-inch non-stick pan and a dumpling dough press set of three rooms.

Here’s what Chef Jet has to say about each piece in the collection.

Chef Jet Tila 4-Piece Non-Stick Stainless Steel Chef’s Pan Set

Get the most out of this four-piece chef's pan set.

“Everything should do a lot because a lot of us have limited time, limited budget, we have families,” Tila said. “You have the wok, you have a steamer basket, you have the lid. You have all the shooting and the game.

A chef’s pan is one of the most ambidextrous cookware you can own, and with the added steamer and insert, the Tila collection pan set adds another layer of functionality. The pan is non-stick stainless steel, which Tila felt strongly about when it came to both the chef’s pan and the 12-inch pan.

“It’s three layers of metal – a copper conductor sandwiched between stainless steel,” Tila explained. “But it’s not just stainless steel. We have also created a special grid where it is non-stick and stainless.

$100 at HSN

Chef Jet Tila 12″ Non-Stick Stainless Steel Skillet

This 12-inch skillet can tackle almost anything you throw at it.

The 12-inch stainless steel skillet is made from the same construction, providing the browning capabilities of stainless steel with the ease of a non-stick coating.

“12 inches sounds big, but if you’re cooking for one to four, I think you don’t need to have three different sized pans,” Tila said. “It has the helper handle on it, because when you’re preparing large portions of food, it’s important to be able to put it down.”

$55 at HSN

Chef Jet Tila 6″ Laser Engraved Full Tang Knife with Olive Wood Handle

This Japanese steel knife will become your essential.

Jet Tila fans won’t be shocked to learn that the chef has a knife in his new collection.

“Everyone knows me for my knife skills,” Tila said. “There’s a six-inch chef’s knife, but it’s kind of a hybrid, taking the best from around the world. It’s Japanese steel, kind of a Santo shape, but the wood is a wood Mediterranean olive tree.

$40 at HSN

Chef Jet Tila 3 Piece Stainless Steel Dumpling Dough Press Set

These dumpling presses are perfect for easy weeknight dinners.

Another exciting addition to the collection is a three-piece stainless steel dumpling press set, which can be used for so much more than traditional dumplings.

“It’s not just for gyoza or dumplings,” Tila said. “It’s also for pizza pockets and hand pies.”

$20 at HSN

Chef Jet Tila Chopper Blender Set

This mini chopper can make salsa, whipped cream, guacamole and more.

The collection is completed with a set of mini choppers to pull, which includes a chopper, a base, an assortment of blades and a garlic peeler. Like most other items in the range, the chopper can be used for more than just dicing vegetables.

“In about five seconds, you could chop whole heads of weed,” Tila said. “You can use it to make whipped cream, you can use it to make salsas – you can use it to make a ton of things.”

$30 at HSN

You can see Chef Jet Tila on HSN May 26 at 8 a.m. EST, 2 p.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST.

Discover the Jet Tila HSN collection

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