Why Arby’s sourdough bread is banned in Europe

Arby’s is known for its meats, but it’s the bread that’s keeping some of the fast food chain’s most popular dishes from entering Europe. Currently, this is more of a theoretical question, as Arby’s has no locations in the EU, but if the chain ever wants to expand into Europe, it will need to remove some banned ingredients from its bread recipes.

Prohibited foods or ingredients vary around the world. For example, Skittles was sued in 2022 over its use of titanium oxide in the US version of its product. Mars Inc., owner of Skittles, uses this ingredient to create the rainbow of colors the brand is known for, but the ingredient is actually banned in the UK due to its possible health hazards long-term. However, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has determined that titanium oxide can be used in foods as long as it does not exceed 1% of the weight of the food.

The same goes for a number of other ingredients, a few of which are used to make some of Arby’s most popular menu items. Arby’s croissants, sourdough bread, and French toast sticks all contain azodicarbonamide. Meanwhile, the chain’s buns and rolls contain propylparaben. Both ingredients are banned in Europe.

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Why does Arby’s use banned ingredients?

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Azodicarbonamide, as the FDA explains, is commonly used as a “whitening agent in cereal flour and as a dough conditioner in baking.” During bread making, azodicarbonamide breaks down into other chemicals, but the FDA has determined that humans are not exposed to high levels of these chemicals by eating bread products. So the amount of azodicarbonamide you’ll get in a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant or an Arby’s sourdough breakfast sandwich isn’t enough to cause the FDA concern.

Propylparaben found in brioche buns and slider buns is often used as a preservative in foods, as well as in medicines and cosmetics. Again, however, the FDA has not challenged the use of this additive as long as it does not exceed 0.1% in the food. So your buffalo chicken slider should be relatively safe to eat… says the US government. European government is a different story.

Why are these ingredients prohibited?

An assortment of baked rolls and breads

An assortment of baked rolls and loaves – Kcline/Getty Images

So what’s so bad about conditioning dough a little or preserving food? Well, although the FDA has determined that minimum amounts of azodicarbonamide are suitable, Europe has banned this ingredient for over a decade because, when cooked, it has been linked to cancer in animals in drug labs. ‘tests.

Likewise, some studies have shown that propylparaben can lead to major health problems, such as increased risk of cancer, nervous system damage, and hyperactivity. Although European leaders have long recognized the risk factors associated with these ingredients, some U.S. states are only just beginning to understand them.

In October 2023, the state of California officially banned the use of propylparaben in foods (along with other ingredients). This resulted in a large number of online complaints from people who believed the state was banning Skittles. However, implementation of the ban won’t begin until 2027 (which gives manufacturers plenty of time to reformulate their products), so California Skittles are safe for now.

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