Worst Wendy’s Menu Items Health Experts Say You Should Never Order: #2 Has Over 1,200 Calories!

Wendy’s has some of the tastiest meals around, but unfortunately, there’s no denying that all those mouth-watering burgers and crispy fries can also come with serious health risks. And while you’re probably not going to the drive-thru because you’re craving something particularly healthy, it’s a good idea to consider the impact of what you’re putting in your body. We’re certainly not against treating ourselves to a greasy burger every once in a while, but it never hurts to be informed about the risks of eating fast food on a regular basis.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the worst menu items at Wendy’s, from triple burgers to fries. That way, the next time you stop at that fast food chain, you’ll know exactly what to avoid if you want to take a healthier route.

1. Baconator

This iconic bacon cheeseburger is undeniably mouth-watering. However, it probably goes without saying that Baconator is not good for your overall health. This burger features two burger patties topped with cheese and, of course, lots of bacon. Bacon alone can contain a worrying amount of sodium in your diet, and that’s not the only health risk posed by this processed meat. In total, Baconator contains 1,540 mg of sodium, 960 calories and 66 g of fat. It is better to choose something else, especially if you pay attention to your heart.

2. Triple Loaded Nacho Burger

This is a new addition to the Wendy’s menu. The Loaded Nacho Triple Burger arrived at Wendy’s this summer. And with its jalapeno and cheddar bun, queso, spicy chipotle sauce, and even tasty tortilla strips, it sure sounds delicious. Unfortunately, it’s not as good for your body as it is for your taste buds. This giant burger has 1,280 calories, 87g of fat and 1,930mg of sodium. As Mandy Tyler, M.Ed., RD, CSSD, LD told Eat This Not That, “The American Heart Association recommends limiting daily sodium intake to no more than 2,300 milligrams, and this burger contains almost This full daily amount. Individuals would be best off enjoying just one hamburger patty, then a healthy snack later in the day if you’re still hungry.” Noted!

3. Dave’s triple

While it’s certainly a Wendy’s classic, the Dave’s triple cheeseburger is one you should consider skipping if you want to keep your body as healthy as possible. The three patties, all that cheese and toppings add up to 1,160 calories, 82 fat and 1,610 mg of sodium. Yeah ! If you regularly consume that much sodium, you could be putting yourself at risk for a range of health complications, including heart disease. Maybe it’s best to stick to just one burger.

4. Chili Cheese Fries

Trust us: we love fries as much as the next person, and when you add cheese, it’s really hard to resist. Add some chili on top and you have a really tasty side dish to go with your burger. Unfortunately, it’s also very unhealthy. At 520 calories, 27g of fat, and 1,330mg of sodium, this could be a meal on its own (although it wouldn’t be very healthy). When you combine it with another menu item, you could go way over your recommended calorie and sodium intake. Plus, when you find out how Wendy’s chili is made, you might lose your appetite for them anyway.

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