Zoomlion commemorates AU Day with traditional African clothing

The Managing Director of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Ms. Gloria Opoku Anti warmly congratulated the management and staff of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, for their outstanding performance and high regard for the company.

“Today marks the legendary celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which became the African Union (AU) and this 60th anniversary is celebrated across the continent under the slogan: ‘Our Africa, our future”.

“We at Zoomlion Ghana Limited have always used this day to celebrate and appreciate our staff for the wonderful performance recorded over the years,” she said.

“In line with this, the month of May has been set aside to celebrate our staff in various ways and it is called Jospong Employee Month,” she added.

She went on to say that “After launching the ‘Jospong Employee Month’ celebrations on Friday, May 5, 2023, the HR department held a series of exciting employee engagement activities. The Essence of these activities is to come together as one family to celebrate our diversity.

Among these, she said, are the Time with HR (Kenkey Party with junior staff), Breakfast Spread with Management, Zoomlion Goes Old School and Career day.

She said that the staff were fully involved in these activities and she therefore congratulated them.

She said these activities were also used to organize medical screening and staff welfare and also took the opportunity to update their records.

Even though the general atmosphere of our country indicates that morale is low, these employee engagement activities have brought some excitement to the faces of our staff. “

She explained that the institutionalization of the Breakfast Spread for example by management was an event that brought all the staff on stage to eat, dance and share precious moments. Those memories will stay with me forever and I know most of you all will too.”

Ms. Anti said that like this year’s slogan for the AU celebration, “Our Africa, Our Future”, there are great learnings for all Ghanaians and Africans, largely including her staff. business.

Zoomlion commemorates AU Day with traditional African clothing

She noted: “We must create the future we so desire and as Chief Executive Officer of our organization I would like to encourage all of us to continue to work together to celebrate unity, strength and the progress of our well- beloved society, country – Ghana and Africa as a whole”.

Let us draw strength from our diverse background to accomplish so much for our business, our country and our continent, she urged.

Our staff come from different regions and different parts of our continent but that in no way divides us as a company and it is in this light that I urge you all to continue to live and work in harmony for a better Africa tomorrow, says the MD.

The Managing Director of Zoomlion said that as we reflect on the journey of the African Union and the milestones achieved so far, we are reminded of the remarkable progress we have made as a united force and as a company. , we must draw strength and inspiration from everyone. other.

Ms. Anti added that the legacy of great men and women reminds us that unity is key to our collective success as a company.

She said, in line with the slogan of this year’s African Union Day commemoration, which is ‘Our Africa, our future’, I so agree with Peter Drucker who says it beautifully that ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

On this tangent, Zoomlion Ghana Limited as an organization, is deeply committed to the development and progress of our staff, she assured the staff.

“We recognize that our success as a business is closely tied to the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve. We are convinced that sustainable development can only be achieved through collaborative efforts, where governments, businesses and workers pursue an agenda hand in hand towards our common vision,” Ms. Anti said.

She urged staff to foster an environment where innovation, entrepreneurship and investment can thrive, creating opportunities for our young people and future generations.

Zoomlion commemorates AU Day with traditional African clothing

“Today, we recognize the challenges ahead of us as a business. Our continent faces pressing issues such as poverty, inequality, climate change and inadequate health systems. However, in the face of these challenges, we must remember that Africa has always been a continent of resilience and ingenuity. We possess the talent, creativity and determination to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way so that Zoomlion Ghana Limited stands the test of time,” she assured.

Ms. Anti also mentioned that a welfare fund for junior staff has been approved for implementation and assured that the company is ready to support cherished junior staff.

The Zoomlion commemoration of African Union Day was used by management and staff to remember the traditional African way of dressing and also to eat the traditional foods and dishes to promote good health among staff.

She took the opportunity to express her sincere gratitude and thanks to the staff for their unwavering support so far.

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